Dear Harrison,

You turn six today! Six. I can't even believe it. The years sure are flying by, but boy am I enjoying every single one of them.

Last night when I went to check on you, you were still awake and I climbed into your bed to steal one more moment with you before sleep. We talked about Star Wars, about your day at school, and about how excited you were about your birthday. Then you reminded me that it was my last night to snuggle with you as a 5-year old. I pulled you closer, choked back a few tears, and tried to remember what it felt like to cuddle with you as a 2-year old. And I couldn't. I hate that these fleeting moments are just that -- brief and elusive. I know that no matter how hard I try to memorize everything about you at 5, I won't be able to recall the details at 8. I wonder how long you'll let me climb into your bed and snuggle with you?

Thankfully you interrupted my depressing train of thought with a not-at-all-manipulative request that had me chuckling. In the softest, sweetest voice you asked, "Mom, will you please scratch my back? It's the last time you'll get to scratch my 5-year old back and I don't want you to be sad if you miss out." Well played, kid. Well played. :)

You've grown and changed a lot in this last year. I know I say that every year, but this year is different. Not only is there no denying that you are growing up on the outside, leaving farther and farther behind any hint of your baby cheeks or soft blonde hair, but your personality has grown and shifted a lot as well as you've approached your sixth year. You are definitely becoming your own person. You've always been independent, but this year you've also discovered a love for sarcasm, snark, and cynicism. You are starting to get embarrassed by things (like your parents). I catch you rolling your eyes when you don't think I'm watching. Your dad and I laugh because there are many moments we feel like we already have a moody teenager. You want so badly to be your own boss and make your own rules! But even though you aren't always the easiest child to parent, I wouldn't change a thing about you. Whether you are happy or mad, excited or grumpy, you are passionate, and I love that about you. You have a giant, tender heart. You do life BIG and LOUD. You have a huge presence. Every day you leave a mark on this world. Every day you keep us on our toes. Every day you keep us rolling with laughter. Every day I thank our God above that he chose me to be your momma. What a privilege!

You are so loved and cherished. I'm looking forward to what six has in store for us!

Love you big and love you always,



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