Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Princess Party

Thanks to her Beda, Harper got the princess party she's been dreaming about all year long. I didn't do a thing except shower, make myself presentable, and force a smile.

Speaking of forcing a smile. Harper is so funny. She is extremely shy and gets so awkward when the attention is on her. To everybody else, this probably comes across as snobby or apathetic. But I find this personality quirk completely endearing because I know her heart. She was the same way in Disney World; she would talk about meeting the princesses for hours, but the minute it was her turn she wouldn't even look at them and definitely wasn't about to smile. So while she had the look of panic on her face when it was time to blow out candles...and she refused to talk to her friends, much less thank them for the lovely gifts when she was opening presents...she really did have a great time. Or at least that's what she tells us :)

Princess Harper

Harper & Beda
Sibling love. He wore his Princess Protection Agency shirt we made for Disney World :)
He always buys her flowers on her birthday

 Here is the food table. My mom and Harper made all of the decorations. She's excited to reuse them in her bedroom.


Aurora's Fruits of the Forest & Snow White's Poison Apples

Isn't this cake gorgeous?? We always use the same fabulous baker since she also has a nut allergy and never uses them or has them in her house. The top layer was strawberry and the bottom was vanilla.

Ariel's Dinglehoppers (adorable little forks in cake pops my mom & Harper made) and Cinderella's Slippers (with blue sixlets)
close up of the decorations
Pappy & Harrison

Harper & her prince charming
Most of Harper's friends are boys so there were lots of swords flying around

Brody, Carter, Hamilton, & Harrison
Sweet Silas
Lindsay girled things up with princess makeovers
Ashley & Lindsay
Sweet Cullen. Love this little boy!

Abigail, Harper, & Hollyn
Dustin & Trina with 2 of their 4 boys



I LOVE the way this dress turned out. The main fabric has vintage Disney princesses on it.
 Time to blow out candles. Cue the anxiety in 3-2-1...

Why do all these people insist on singing to me?
Can I hide under the table now?
Making a wish...
and giving those 4 candles a good blowin' out.

 The day started out with torrential rain so we weren't so sure that the bounce house was going to get any use. Thankfully the sun came out and the guys tipped all the water out of it and it was good to go!




After the sweaty, smelly kids were hot and tired of jumping, they came inside and little miss opened up all her presents. 

See her scratching in this next picture?

It was at this point when her eyes got really swollen and she broke out in hives. Not sure what she had an allergic reaction to, but it definitely put me on high alert. It very well could have been something environmental, but she doesn't really get bothered by seasonal allergies so my mind went to something she ate. Nothing she ate was new except the sixlet candy, so hopefully it was just environmental and not a food cross contamination. Either way, benadryl helped and the epi pen was avoided! That would have been a terrible end to a birthday party.

After the majority of the party-goers left, we just hung around and watched baseball. And watched this silly boy cover himself in princess stickers :)


trying on one of her new presents
One exhausted little princess at the end of a fun day

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