April Showers

I have a billion drafts that I'm going to try to get posted soon. So brace yourself for some very outdated recent events. Quite riveting, I know.

Here is our April in pictures.


This picture melts my heart. I had just picked up the kids from school and had to pull over to get sick. And then I started crying because that was just what I did for most of April -- throw up and cry. I was just about to pull out of the parking lot when I looked back at Harper who started saying the sweetest prayer for me to feel better and for the baby to be safe. She and her brother are perfect reminders that this is all worth every moment of misery. She really does have the sweetest heart!

It was their Easter celebration that day and they were hopping around like bunnies

 Our Easter was extremely low key. As in we grabbed some eggs and picked over Easter basket gifts at Walgreens the night before and called it good. We dyed some eggs and they hunted for them the next morning and as you can see, clothes were optional for both. Ha.

can you guess which egg was his favorite?

keeping their expectations low for next year ;)

the hunt was on

we looked over and she had peeled one of her eggs and was eating it

I did at least get them dressed in Easter-y clothes (from last year, but whatev). We didn't make it to church. We did attempt to go to my mom & Tim's house for lunch but it didn't go so well and we were back home shortly after. Here they are posing in front of their eggs. Harrison told us it was a tradition and they had to do it. Oddly it is something he remembers and reminds us to do every year. So Rick dug them out of the garage and stuck them in the ground just for this picture. More procrastination at its finest :)


My mom took the kids with her to work one day when I was back in the hospital. She's a high school teacher and the kids were super excited to go and see all the teenagers and "help" teach them.

not sure what he was saying "yes" to, but I'm sure it was important. Ha!


This is the aftermath of the Great Flood of 2015. It's a much smaller scale than the actual floods going on in Texas right now, but it was the highest flood water our bathroom has ever seen so I feel it is noteworthy.  

I was lying on the couch half supervising the kids and half trying not to die, and clearly the supervising-the-kids part was not going so well. I heard Harrison say something along the lines of, "Mom, there's a little bit of a water problem going on in the bathroom, but don't panic." I go in there and the "little" water problem was 2 inches of water covering the entire floor and seeping down the hallway carpet. It was running down from under the cabinets and I immediately thought a pipe had burst because the faucet was off and there was no water in the sink or the tub. Uh, nope. Upon further investigation it was determined that Harper had plugged the sink, left the water on, flooded the bathroom, realized it maybe wasn't such a good idea after all, turned off the water, unplugged the sink, opened the drawer and pulled out all the washcloths, tried to mop up the water with the washcloths, put the soaking wet washcloths back in the drawer and closed it, and then quickly abandoned ship and pretended like nothing happened. So all the soaking wet washcloths were what was causing the water running down into the cabinets and not, in fact, a burst pipe. I guess she should at least get some credit for trying to solve the problem, but this was not exactly my train of thought upon first discovering her mischief.

Here are a few pictures I took of the 2 days we were at Texas Children's for Harrison's procedure.

feeling good after taking the happy juice
Right before they wheeled him back he put these two stickers on my shirt. One for his momma, and one for the baby. Such a sweet boy.
Day 2
He earned a trip to Toys R Us on the way home for being such a trooper
And the next day, it was my turn for the hospital. Last time I had to go in before getting home health set up. Rick said we needed to document our "date"
While I hibernated for most of the month, Rick took the kids to do some fun things and give them some extra attention. 

haircuts and go-karts

he texted this picture to me...a hat that Harper picked out for him. I'm sure he didn't look creepy at all taking this selfie. HA!

The rest are just random pictures of how we spent our days.

LOTS of Netflix. Found this old gem -- the original Care Bears Movie. I loved this when I was a little girl! My kids were underwhelmed though. :/

Just one of the many examples of how friends took care of us. It seems silly, but I almost cried when I realized she not only bought us fresh fruit, but she cut it up for us too.

Lots of days spent in bed. This little guy knows just how to cheer me up.
As does this little sweetie

and this guy, too! Side note: Both kids are up to date on wedding dress fashion thanks to TLC binge watching.
Kooter, aka Fat Bastard, has been fully appreciating all the bed rest.
One light saber as a weapon and the other as a microphone
This is the result when you give them freedom to dress themselves
and this is the result when you give them freedom to find their own breakfast
and this is the result when you give them freedom to sleep wherever they want
They always keep me quite entertained
LOTS of using their imagination to prevent boredom
forcing a little vitamin D
finding joy in the little things

The best medicine I could ask for


Jocelyn said…
The text message with Rick had me LOL!!! So great!

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