Friday, May 15, 2015

Holy flooding, Batman! And other happenings.

We had torrential rainstorms earlier this week. Monday night I woke up to an alarm on my phone notifying me that we were under a tornado warning. We retrieved the kids from their room and put them in bed with us while I stayed up watching the radar. The next night our phones went off no less than 5 times due to flash flood warnings. Our house was safe but there was terrible flooding in our area. A few of my friends were stranded over night at various places when they were caught by the rising waters and were unable to get home. We got close to 8" of rain in the span of a few hours.

This is just 5 minutes down the road from our house. This was definitely a day where I was thankful to be home bound!

Part of the roof collapsed at the hospital I frequent. My OB was at the hospital and had to deliver all the babies of women whose doctors couldn't make it in.

His doctor's office is just down the street from the hospital and I had an appointment with him the next morning. We were able to make it there okay by taking a few detours around the streets that were still flooded. The rest of the clinic opened late but since he was already there from the night before it didn't affect my appointment time and the waiting room was a ghost town. Which was a good thing considering I had both the kids with me...their preschool building flooded and had to be canceled for the rest of the week.

They did great!
Harper twirling for the documentary her brother was filming

Harrison guided us through the "secret passageways" of the building


Backing up to Tuesday, I got a call from Harrison's teacher. He got an insect bite on his foot on Sunday. I had been putting cortizone cream on it, but while he was at school it really started to bother him and his foot got so red and swollen that they couldn't even get his shoe back on. So I picked them up a little early and took him to the pediatrician. It was infected so we got some steroid cream and antibiotics.


And since they had great behavior at the doctor, I treated them to happy meals (barf) at their request. I feel obligated to document what happened next. Harrison was adamant that he wanted a cheeseburger...even though he has consistently refused to try one for his whole entire life. Not only did he voluntarily try a normal-sized bite without hesitation (he is the pickiest eater and never tries full bites of new food without a huge fight), but then he happily scarfed that sucker down, commenting repeatedly on how scrumptious it was. KETCHUP, MUSTARD, ONIONS, AND ALL. I seriously wondered what had happened to my son because up until this point in history, he had also refused to try condiments of any kind. I was astonished! And proud! Despite the fact that it was McDonald's and not at all nutritious or really anything resembling a true cheeseburger. Haha.



And yesterday marked day 3 of doctor appointments with both kids in tow. I was planning to take Harrison out of school so I could take him to the allergist while Harper was at school, but since it was canceled she tagged along. Even though he had allergy testing done last year and didn't shed a single tear because it's not painful at all, he flipped out this time. There is NO reasoning with him when he gets like that either. So 4 of us had to hold him down kicking and screaming until he finally realized we weren't lying and it didn't, in fact, hurt.

Harper eventually came out of hiding when she realized we weren't actually mutilating her brother like it sounded based on his pleading and screaming.

The test results were frustrating. It appears he may have grown out of some of his existing allergies (huge yay) but tested positive for a couple of others. One of them was soy, which is heavily linked to vomiting and GI issues so it's worth eliminating from his diet to see if it helps. But I didn't realize it's in like 90% of everything in our pantry. He also tested positive to peanuts, but I have a hard time believing that considering he eats them regularly. It is possible to be allergic to something before ever having a reaction (it builds up in your system over time) but I am skeptical on that one. He'll have the blood component test next to see if it confirms he is allergic or if it was a false positive, which have a 10% rate of occurrence. He still has a tree nut allergy but a few of them tested negative since last year, so now he will have an oral food challenge in the office to see if he's able to ingest them without a reaction.

After his appointment I felt well enough to take him to get a much needed haircut. It worked out well because the barber shop we wanted to try was having an open house which meant free lunch for us that I didn't have to prepare. :)  I love his new stylish summer cut! He is getting so big on me.


Mother's Day was very low key this year. I didn't feel well enough to go anywhere so my mom came over and Rick grilled while we watched the kids play in the backyard. 

intrigued by a worm

the best Mother's Day gift was getting to listen to Nugget's heartbeat on my new doppler

Rick picked this up for me...he's so selfless like that


And a few other pictures from our recent "adventures." I use that term loosely these days. :)

I'm not usually a bath type of girl but I've been making it a point to take one every night instead of a shower. I'm having huge insomnia issues and I have to admit that I'm enjoying my relaxing baths!
We ventured to the park. Harper complained the whole time that her legs were tired and it was way too far to walk. It's like 2 blocks. Life is rough.

I had to stop and throw up along the way which is always lovely. But hey, people let their dogs poop everywhere so what's a little vomit? We got out of the house and got a little exercise so I'm counting it as a success.

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