(Not So) Hidden Treasure

I didn't have blogging on my agenda today since I'm kind of strapped for time this week, but I feel compelled to pop on here really quick to document what just took place at our house. These are situations you never, ever anticipate finding yourself in before you have children. I mean, really.

I was working on getting all the tax information together for our CPA. The kids had just finished lunch and went in the backyard to play for a little while. I peeked out the window and saw Harrison standing there with his pants down. Even though I don't encourage it, he's a boy and he loves to pee outside so that's what I assumed he was doing. He had a troubled look on his face though, so I asked him what was going on.

Me: What are you doing? What's the matter?
Harrison: I thought I needed to go poop but now I don't.
Me: Well come inside and try if you feel like you need to go.
Harrison: I don't need to go anymore because I already did.
Me: Uhhhh....what? You pooped where??
Harrison: Over here! Come look! Off the ladder of the play set! I tried to wipe but it didn't work out so well.
Me:Wipe with what??
Harrison: The water hose.
Me: ::speechless::

When asked what would prompt him to want to take a dump in the back yard like a dog when we have a perfectly working toilet just inside, he gave the typical boy answer:  I wanted to leave a little hidden treasure behind for the pirates. 

That. Kid. 


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