Death by Slumber Party

 It's a sad day when you wake up feeling like you stayed out too late at frat party last night: achy body, exhausted, completely clothed in yesterday's jeans, shirt, bra and makeup....but instead just fell asleep in your toddler's twin bed at 7:30pm.

What's even sadder is when your husband does the same thing in The 4-Year Old's twin bed, but when we both wake up we discover that The 4-Year Old has abandoned the rest of the family and is sound asleep all by his lonesome in our nice, cozy, king size bed. I can't decide if he's a traitor or just really smart.

All I know is holy guacamole, I must not ever do that again! Sleeping with Harper is like signing up for a beat down all night long. I got slapped, kicked and headbutted and I'm pretty sure I'll have the bruises to prove it. That poor girl woke up crying and whining no less than 5 times and when I tried to comfort her she glared and pushed me away. It's like it's in her genes to be angry and mean when she's sleeping? ;)

We have never made it a habit to lie down with them because we never wanted to get stuck doing it regularly, but they haven't adjusted 100% to sharing a room at bedtime yet. And when I say "adjusted" I mean actually going to sleep versus jumping from bed to bed and partying all night long. Sometimes they just need a little policing help. We usually stagger their bedtimes so we won't have to stay in there and reinforce, but lately I've had a hard time resisting Harper's requests to "lay down and chat with me, mommy!" Such sweet, sweet conversations.

Lately it's been her birthday party(ies). She loves to talk all about her big plans. This year she wants a pink ballerina party, next year she wants a blue Ariel party, the year after that she wants a teacup birthday party. That girl KNOWS what she wants. She tells me all about the cake and cupcakes in detail. She tells me what she wants for her gift. This year, it's "a pink unicorn from daddy. A REAL one and not a fake one." Well that should be easy, ha! She loves to go through her guest list and name all the people in her class. When we get to a few names she makes a disgusted face and tells me they aren't invited. That sweet girl apparently has a little snob in her. :)

Colors are another one of her favorite topics. I never thought that one could spend 15 minutes talking solely about colors, but it is totally possible. Pink and purple are by far her favorites, but she also feels the need to point out that she really likes all the colors. I took a video one night of our conversation because I know one day she won't care to sit and talk to her momma about little trivial things like this and I'll miss it. She is a great reminder to fully enjoy even the simple things in life. We were driving yesterday and she saw some trees that are beginning to bloom and she could hardly contain her excitement over all the "purple trees" and pointed every single one out along the way. I love that sweet girl so much.

Speaking of yesterday, we took advantage of the sun's reappearance and headed to the park.

And when I was cooking dinner last night, I realized it had been 5 minutes of quiet for Miss Harper, which is about 5 minutes too long without producing hefty suspicion of mischief. Yep, I was right. Gotta trust that mom instinct when a toddler is involved.

Harrison asked me to take their picture. They take pride in their level of crazy.

And here is Harrison in his dad's glasses last night.

I'm certain there's a hilarious caption to describe these adorable pictures but my brain is too fried to come up with one. Maybe I'll ask the boy himself when he awakens from his peaceful slumber in my giant king size bed.  ;)


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