Thursday, March 13, 2014

Look Who's Back!

And look who's sick. :(


Mary called me yesterday morning to let me know that they had both woken up vomiting. Nothing like a stomach bug the day of the road trip home. They were so pitiful and I felt awful for them! It sucks being stuck in a car when you feel so icky. And it was definitely challenging trying to manage the pukefest going on in my backseat since I was driving solo. But even though I hate it when my kids are sick and it's not fun cleaning up endless vomit, I was happy to be back in my element of motherhood and thankful to be able to snuggle them and nurse them back to health.

they both wanted in my lap and I was happy to oblige
guess who else wanted in my lap...
 Harper started feeling better a lot faster than her brother. This was her first tummy bug and it seemed to be much more mild. She stopped throwing up yesterday afternoon and even had an appetite by dinner time. Harrison, on the other hand, was in bad shape. He was vomiting every 15 minutes or so all day and couldn't even keep a cracker down. He fell asleep at 5pm and woke back up around 9pm, then was restless and couldn't get back to sleep until after 1am. It was a rough day for the poor guy. Thankfully they are both feeling much better today!


 I was looking through the pictures I took while they were away and there aren't too many to report. Apparently most of the pictures I take are of the kiddos. Who woulda thought? We did get a ton of work done around the house. We went on a couple of dates and enjoyed each others' undivided attention. And we talked a lot about how weird it was with them gone.

PF Chang's

And since my kids weren't here to be the subject of my photos, I did snap this one of the cat. He rarely grooms himself so it caught my attention when I saw him licking what I thought was his paw. Nope, turns out he was actually licking the leather on the couch. For like 5 minutes straight. I'm not sure if he thought he was grooming himself?

Never a dull moment around here, folks. Except apparently there was because I actually took a picture of my cat licking the couch.

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