Movie Monday - Ashley Eats an Egg

Okay -- so I know this video is a little long but I promise you will not regret watching it. I still laugh to the point of tears every time. It's good to have friends you can laugh at, right? :)

Ashley is suuuuper picky when it comes to food and textures. She had never had a deviled egg so after I made them for Colt's party we talked her into trying one for the first time. And then of course we had to film it. There are actually 2 videos but I'm only posting the 2nd one where she finally takes a bite.

PS - they are green because it was a Dr. Seuss theme party. Which probably didn't help the poor girl out. :)


And Ashley, I'm proud of you!! Even if you did cry, gag and almost vomit before it even touched your mouth. You and my kid have a lot in common ;)  Love you!


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