Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I never knew it was possible to feel homesick while you are inside your own house. But yep, it is. My littles have been visiting their grandparents since Saturday and I am missing them like crazy. It's just not home without them here and I'm ready for those little boogers to get back here and cheer this lost mama up.

I have also realized how much I blame my kids for things not getting done around here as quickly as I'd like. I've had nothing but child-free time on my hands for the last 3 days and I have still managed to procrastinate on certain projects like nobody's business. Apparently if it's work I don't feel like doing, I'll find a reason to not do it. Huh. Interesting. Don't get me wrong, I've been a busy little bee, just not in the most productive or logical sense. Like, instead of tacking the disastrous piles of junk I've made all over the house that need to be organized/purged/I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with-all-this-crap, I find much more important tasks to do like spontaneously sewing curtains and cleaning out all the bathroom cabinets and bathing the cat. And typing out a blog post. Ahem.

But in my defense, I was missing my kids so much that I started looking through pictures of them, and then I realized I needed to post them on here. It's very high priority. Much more important than all these piles of crap I don't know what to do with. See how I did that just now?


Harrison sleepwalks into our room almost every night. This night he didn't quite make it all the way. How sweet is this? I mean, for real.


Harper took her pony tail out in the car and was rocking some awesome hair. I joked that it looked like Donald Trump's comb-over and taught her to point and say "you're fired!"



This was Harrison's take home sheet one day. I asked him why he threw his food away and this was his response: I wanted to be nice and share my lunch with all the germs in the trash can. They were hungry and sharing is the nice thing to do. Hmm. Seems as though he's learned the art of spinning and justifying. I have no idea where he got that from. (I will get to my Piles 'O Crap very soon but I need to finish documenting these precious childhood moments first)


We started a new behavior chart last month. I'll have to do another post about it later because it's been working wonders. (some days, anyway)  If they have all 6 of their tokens at the end of the day they get a sticker, and after 10 stickers they get the goal they were working towards. Harrison chose Chuck-E-Cheese for his first goal and Harper wanted to get her very first pedicure at a nail salon.

She loved it if you can't tell. At one point she laid all the way back and closed her eyes. Home girl knows how to relax and enjoy the pampering. They both just reached their second goal before they left to go out of town. Harrison wants to go to "big golf" (driving range) with his dad and Harper wants to do putt putt with me. Bring it on! Harper's going DOWN.


The kids' school went on a field trip to NASA. We have a membership there but it was fun to go with all of their classmates.

"3-2-1 BLAST OFF!"
 They both sat and watched this science show and did great! I was amazed that it held their attention for a good 30 minutes or so.

I was a little nervous moving Harper into a twin bed without a rail. I'm not sure why I'm worried she might fall off the bed or anything. HA!


This is just one example of how my husband is a goofball. He always teases me that I'm super competitive when it comes to parking. I get excited about front row joe's and he gets annoyed that I take more time looking for a prime spot than if I would have just taken the first spot and walked the difference. Um, duh, because I like to WIN. So any time he gets the chance he does this to me:

he parked in the very last spot in the parking lot, waaaaaaay out there. See it? You might have to squint.
 He dropped me off at the door at Garden Ridge because he wanted to go next door to Sears, and then thought it would be hilarious to park as far away as possible. He is such a goober.


Harrison had his very first soccer game last weekend! The kids voted and named their team the Dragons. For his age group they do a 30 minute practice and 30 minute game back to back. It was a gorgeous day to be outdoors and we had a great time cheering him on. For having zero experience, he actually did really well. I had to laugh because when he got tired/lazy, he went and stood by the goal and said he was going to be the goalie, even though they don't have goalies for this age group. :)

jumping jacks

Apparently it tuckered him out. I turned around and he was sitting in my chair like this with his legs crossed. It's tough being a mini David Beckham.


Rick and I got a good laugh at this masterpiece. I was relieved when he told me his drawing was of a monster and not, in fact, boobs.


 Harper has a cute outfit that is made out of a thin knit, and anytime she wears it this is what she does all day long:

Her dad is not thrilled. Ha!


And this is just a picture I took of them before we left the house one day. They were being so sweet to each other.  


I cannot wait to get my hands on these two itty bitties tomorrow morning. My world is just not right when they are away.

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