Friday, March 8, 2013

Out of the mouths of my children.

I think it's time for another post on some of the funny things the kids have been doing and saying. I go through phases where I'm really good at remembering to write them down and then when I'm not so good at it...but hopefully reading through some of my scribbles over the last few months will be good motivation to keep up with it. I've already forgotten some of them and Rick and I got a good laugh as I flipped through the pages. Harper is starting to talk a lot more lately so I'm sure the number of her stories will be catching up in no time.

December 2012:

Me: Come on, Buddy. 
Harrison: I'm not an orange and blue dinosaur. I'm a boy! (referencing Buddy from Dinosaur Train)

Rick: 3-year olds sleep in their own beds. 
Harrison: I want to be 2 again. Just for a couple of weeks?

Harrison: Why does our tree need water?  
Rick: So it will stay green and pretty.
Harrison: But I want it to be blue and handsome!

Harrison: Will you please roll down my window?
Rick: Not on the highway.
Harrison: But we're not on the highway, we're on the low-way.

Me: Get over here and get back in your car seat right now. (in all honesty I probably should have typed that sentence in all caps, ha!)
Harrison: But I just need to check on my cute baby real quick. Mom, she's such a cutie! 

January 2013:

Harper puts any kind of hat or even underwear on her head and shouts "ho ho ho!"

Me: You're my sweet baby. 
Harrison: No, Mom, I'm not a baby anymore. 
Me: But you'll always be my baby.
Harrison: Sorry, Mom. I'm growing up. I'm not growing down. 

Harper shouts "go go go!" when she sees Cat in the Hat. ("Here we go go, go, on an adventure! The Thingamajigger is up and away. Go, go, go, on an adventure. We're flying with the Cat in the Hat today!") btw,  you are so totally welcome for getting that stuck in your head for the rest of the day :)

Harrison: I'm so very, very sad that you won't let me sleep in your bed, Mommy. It makes me so very, very sad. 

Harrison: Mommy, look what I'm drawing for you! It's an "H"!  And it was. He was very proud of himself. And so was I.

Harper is a little bit obsessed with cleaning and wiping surfaces down. I won't lie and say I haven't considered giving her a soapy rag and putting her to work on my baseboards. :)  Anyway, one day she was pretending to mop the floor with a cloth. Then I noticed that the cloth she was scrubbing the tile with was wet. Upon further observation I discovered that she had been walking over to my glass of water that I had been drinking and dipping her rag in it. Um, disgusting. Good thing my floors aren't dirty or anything. Haha!

Harrison had pink eye and it was yellow and gooey and gross. Harper noticed it and pointed and looked at me very concerned.
Harper: Eye! Eye! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Eye!
Me: Yeah, his eye looks a little scary, doesn't it? 
Harrison: But it still works...
Me: Yeah, it's just a little pink eye, huh buddy. 
Harrison: No, Mom. My eyes aren't pink, they're blue.

February 2013:
Harrison: Mommy, I don't want to be a kid anymore. I just want to be a grown-up.
Me: Are you sure about that? Then you better find a job. Where do you want to work?
Harrison: I want to be a grown-up mommy. 
Me: Mommies are girls. But you can be a daddy one day if you want. 
Harrison: No, I just want to be a mommy. Then I won't have to work. 

Harper calls herself "Barper" and  Elmo = "Melmo"

March 2013:

Me: Here's your drink.
Harrison: Thanks, Mom. You're such a sweet little momma. 

Harper: Go away, Momma!  (as she hit and pushed me away for trying to put on her shoes. Did I mention the terrible two's are emerging???)

Harrison has started saying Awww man! Not again! anytime I ask him to do something.

Harrison: Mommy, I think there's a little something on your carpet.
Me: WHAT is on my carpet, Harrison?
Harrison: Don't worry, my puppies are licking it up. 
Me: WHAT is it? Where?! 
Harrison: I just threw up a little on your carpet but my puppies are eating it for dinner. 

Rick and I have been trying to be intentional about not only praying for our children but also praying with them and in front of them. I found this neat tip on how to teach your kids to pray where it uses each finger to help remember what to pray for (thumb = praise God, index = confess sins/repent, middle = thank God, ring = pray for others, pinky = pray for yourself, palm = closing). We've started saying bedtime prayers together as a family where we can launch right in to the ridiculous bedtime routine of songs that MUST. BE. SUNG. OR. LIFE. WILL. END. We figured we'd just do it all together so we'd only have to tuck them in once instead of twice individually. Anyway, it's been working great so far. Harrison has the order memorized and it's extremely rewarding to hear him pray such full prayers. Or at least until they go like this:

Me: Is there anybody you want to pray for tonight?
Harrison: Yes, I want to pray for you.
Me: That's sweet. Thank you!
Harrison: Dear God, thank you for all of my toys and please help my mommy to not have a bad mood anymore. 

Rick: What are you thankful for?
Harrison: Dear God, thank you for all of my toys, and my house, and our car, and all of my toys, and for money. Amen. 

And I think the discipling is sinking in a little because lately he's been quick to identify sin. And not just his own:
Harrison: Mommy, you're not supposed to yell because that's not nice. Now you have to confess your sin. (Nothing like getting rebuked by a 3 year old...ouch)

He really does have such a good, compassionate heart. We've been talking a lot about our sponsored child through Compassion International. Harrison mentions him on a daily basis and asks to see his picture and wants to make him cards and paintings. One day I overheard him playing with his Little People airplane. He had loaded it full of toys and play food and was flying it to Africa to deliver them to Fluduari and his family. Such a thoughtful boy.


And I have to share just one more but it isn't about my kids. Nope, it's about my husband. And he's probably going to kill me for putting this on here but I can't not put it on here because it's just too priceless. To give a little background...we were sitting at the table and the kids kept running in with pretend food from their play kitchen for us to "eat". We were humoring them of course. Harrison came in with a baseball between two pieces of bread and told Rick he made him a sandwich for dinner. Rick is such a good dad. He really, truly is. So good, that in his excitement to play along with his son he totally didn't realize that what was coming out of his mouth was forever going to be thrown back in his face for years and years to come. Are you ready for this?

Rick: Oooh, a ball sandwich!  Om nom nom, this is such a tasty ball sandwich. I LOVE ball sandwiches!

He just kept repeating it. Over and over. With such enthusiasm. And I promise you I was thisclose from an untimely death brought on by gut-wrenching laughter. Yes, there is a slight chance I have the humor of a teenage boy at times. But come on! Ball sandwich? You so would have laughed, too. ;)



Jocelyn said...

GREAT post! Harrison makes me laugh and laugh!

Anonymous said...

You are dead to me and it wasn't that funny.

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Stephanie Houghton said...

So adorable! Glad you posted this to remind me to start writing the funny things down :)

Tienna said...

Hey there lady! I nominated you for the Liebster blog award. Not totally sure what it is, but I was nominated and it sounds fun so go check it out. :)

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