A Day at the "Radio"

A conversation at our house last week:

Me: Guess where we are going this afternoon?
Harrison: Where?
Me: The rodeo.
Harrison: Oh, the "radio"? We get to go to the "radio" today!?
Me: {chuckles} That's right, honey -- we get to go to the "radio" today!
Harrison: No, Mom. It's not called the "radio." It's called the "RODEO". 


Rick had a business meeting near Reliant Stadium and was able to carve a couple of hours out of his afternoon to meet us at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. We didn't stay long but had a great time.

The kids loved all of the animals. Or at least one of them did. Ha! Harper loves reading and singing about farm animals and making all of their noises and was even excited to see them from a distance. But the moment she realized we were about to cross the fence to the other side of the petting zoo her tune changed just a bit:


But a certain little somebody else was in heaven:

We rescued her from all of the killer goats and sheep and she was much more content looking at the animals that were safely behind the glass of a cage.


Harrison was super duper excited to ride a pony. I kept asking him to smile but that was silly, because Mommy, cowboys don't smile.

Harper wanted zero part in the pony rides. She gladly cheered her bubba on but when asked if she wanted a turn she shook her head firmly and said no-no! So we moved on to the kid's farmer's market. It was a hit.

And here's another example of how my two kiddos are complete opposites sometimes. They had these sandboxes full of corn -- Harper took one step and quickly realized it was not her cup of tea. She's typically not a fan of messes. Harrison, however, rolled around in the corn and played with it and we practically had to drag him out of there.

At the end of the market they sold their veggies and got to buy a treat with their earnings. Harrison went straight for the rice krispy treat and inhaled it and Harper opted for a box of raisins -- she doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. Polar opposites there, too.

I love this picture of Harper admiring her daddy.

Rick and I also got an unexpected night out at the rodeo last week. Some friends of ours had 2 extra tickets and invited us to go. I used to work at the bank with Jason and it was great to catch up with him and his lovely wife. We watched all of the events (mutton bustin' is my favorite -- where little kids ride on sheep and try to stay on the longest -- sooo cute!) and heard a few songs by Gary Allen before we called it a night. We had a fun time!


I didn't take many pictures and didn't even get one of Jason and Emily...but I did manage to get this nice shot of Jay who had absolutely zero shame when it comes to rodeo food (but in his defense, who really does? Ha!):

Nacho dilemma: what do you do when you run out of chips? Use your finger. Duh!

We are going back next week to see Kenny. Squee!!!


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