My little slugger.

The much anticipated day arrived on Tuesday. T-ball! He was so, so, SO excited. And it was hilarious -- when I got him dressed he automatically put this tough macho look on his face. How do little boys know to do these types of things?

Obviously with a team of 3 and 4 year olds at the YMCA nothing is really very serious. They met their coaches and then learned how to do some important stretching:

Then we practiced the "alligator stance" move. He's still deciding whether he's going to be a lefty or a righty.

Next was running the bases. The kids all got in a line and when the coach told them they were getting ready to run the bases, Harrison left the line and took off. That was all he needed to hear. Who has time to wait around standing in line? Haha.

Then they came in for the team huddle and to decide on a name. Many good contenders were thrown out "The Supermans" and "The Batmans" and "The Hippos." But Harrison's suggestion won the vote. I bet you'll never guess what he picked.

gooooo Astronauts! :)

He was very upset that they didn't get a chance to bat this week. He can hardly wait to swing at that ball. And I can hardly wait to watch. This is going to be quite entertaining!


Oh he's so cute!! When did he get so big?!

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