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I think I'm just going to preface every blog post with "sickness lingers" because seriously, it appears to have taken up permanent residence at the Boyd house. Y'all might want to sanitize your computers just for visiting this blog because we are all about the germs over here. I will say that I'm thankful it's not Harper this time. What I'm not so thankful for? The last 4 days of fever and chills and overall crumminess that I have been forced to endure. I haven't been to the doctor yet but Tienna informs me that it is just a horrible virus according to her doctor visit today. That's right, I infected my best friend who drove across 2 states to celebrate my little girl's first birthday. Mrs. Hospitality right here, folks. (Sorry, Tienna!)

Anyway, all that to say that my daughter has decided to take full advantage of my weakness and vulnerability this week. She's becoming quite sneaky and adventurous, that wee little one. She has discovered that she likes the professional sport of Acrobatic Climbing and has taken up practicing it at any opportunity presented.

Exhibit A:

I was lying on the floor of the playroom waiting to die resting when I glanced up to check on her and found the little daredevil on top of the table. She was quite proud of herself, as you can tell. And now that she's tasted the adrenaline it's all that she wants to do. I keep trying to get her to focus her energy on other, I don't know...walking...but who wants to walk when you can climb? Up is so much cooler, duh!

Exhibit B:

Evel Knievel isn't happy with just riding on the zebra scooter. She's not even happy with just standing on the zebra scooter. Nope, she insists on trying to climb onto the handlebars...because that sounds like a great idea, right?! If you can't find me just check the local hospital because I will likely be having a heart attack any day now!

And when she's not climbing, she finds other mischievous activities to partake in. Looks like I have another thief on my hands:

I caught her red-handed. She had dumped out my purse, found my wallet, unzipped it, and rummaged through my credit cards. She is such a total rookie though, because the one she decided to steal was just my library card. I guess she's a rebel who likes to read.

Love that girl!


Stephanie said…
Wow, I would officially say she is in to everything! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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