May 3

May 3 is one of my very favorite days of the year. In fact, I think I enjoy my kids' birthdays even more than my own. I woke up that morning with a smile on my face before I could even open my eyes because I was pretty darn excited to celebrate this little sweetheart:

We started the day off taking Big Brother to school. Harper was nice to share her big day with him because it was Muffins with Mom that morning. She got to stuff donuts and muffins in her mouth so she was a happy camper. So was I.

But not a happy camper? Big Brother. While we were eating breakfast he couldn't stop talking about getting up on stage and singing. When it was time to leave the table he could hardly contain his excitement....and then he got up on the stage and it was a completely different story. He just stood there and cried and pointed at me while the rest of his class sang and danced. I felt for him for sure...I had stage fright myself and I wasn't even anywhere close to the stage. He comes by it quite honestly.

After we left Bubba we met up for a besties lunch at Chili's. I had a coupon for a free queso, and who can say no to free queso? Definitely not me.


After lunch Harper invited her friend over to play.

And was pretty thrilled to play with a certain somebody else, too:

The doorbell rang and it was for her!

Daddy did GOOD! She definitely has him wrapped around her chubby little finger.

 After smelling the flowers it was time to climb in and out of the armoire. Because I'm a stellar mom I opted to get out the camera and take pictures instead of redirecting her to safety. Which is why I have an action shot of her tumbling out onto the floor. Go me! Don't worry though, she's a tough little cookie and didn't even skip a beat.

More grandparents showed up and we ate her favorite dinner, which is none other than spaghetti.

And since her birthday party was just 2 days later and I didn't feel like baking cakes twice, we had birthday cookies for dessert instead. But I don't think she minded.

After a very thorough bath it was time to open eat presents!

I have a ton of pictures to post from her birthday party next. To be continued...


Jocelyn said…
How fun! And I agree... Eli's birthday is one of my favorite days! He was born on a Friday, celebrated one on a Saturday and turned two on a Sunday. This year, his birthday is on a Tuesday, and I seriously am thinking about taking off work to celebrate all day!

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