Dear Harper,

An entire year has passed since we first met you. It's hard for me to wrap my head around that fact. Part of me feels like it was just yesterday that you were my teeny tiny swaddled-up burrito, but another part can't comprehend that you have only been in our lives for a short 365 days. How have we only known you for a year?

I remember so clearly your first weeks on this earth. I remember being scared and worried and sad to my core that you were in the NICU and not in my arms that longed for you. I also remember that when I started to let those emotions get the best of me I would force myself to think ahead to the future. I daydreamed of you at home with us where you belonged and how happy we would be with your preemie days behind us. I tried to picture you entering your days of toddlerhood and wondered what you would look like and what kind of personality you would have. But in my best of dreams I didn't even come close to capturing the joy that you would bring to our lives. Each day I'm blessed to spend with you causes my heart to love deeper than I ever imagined it could.

And while I'm sad to say goodbye to my itty bitty doll baby I am even more excited about what is in store for us as you continue to grow and shine. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter! We love you so incredibly much.

Harper Grace Boyd


Jocelyn said…
Happy birthday, Harper! Great picture!
Stephanie said…
OMG, love her picture! So cute!
Tracye said…
Happy birthday, Harper!!!

I soooo cannot believe this day has arrived already! Seems like just last week you were in the hospital, trying to make her stay put.

Enjoy every minute of the day!

Wish we could be there Saturday... but it's probably not a good idea. Give her big hugs and kisses from all of her cousins and her aunt and uncle! We love her bunches!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to my sweet beautiful baby. We are sop blessed to have you in our lives. I love you more than you will ever know.


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