Beach Babies

We went down to Galveston over the weekend for a short trip to the beach. Some of the family really enjoyed it...

While others did not. Ha!


Rick's been working a crazy number of hours lately and he wanted to have a play day on Saturday and get away for a bit. I resisted my initial tendency to be a stick in the mud at the thought of all the work involved in packing for a trip to the beach with two little ones in tow, not to mention the amount of work just being at the beach with two little ones in tow. But I'm glad I decided to be positive about it because it actually turned out to be really nice! The last time we took them to the beach was back in September and it didn't really go so well. Harrison wanted nothing to do with playing in the sand and instead wanted to see just how far he could walk out into the ocean. And Harper...well, let's just say we were still referring to her as Mad Baby back then and even the loudest ocean waves couldn't drown out the colic. But they sure have grown a lot since September. Harrison had SO much fun running on the beach and didn't try to wander off into the water at all. Harper...well, she didn't so much love the beach but happily sat on the blanket with me in order to avoid the sand, so it was actually kind of ideal.

Digging the shovel (har har)

Playing soccer with Dad. The kind you need a shovel for.

Harper and I admired our favorite boys from our blanket and felt incredibly blessed

This looks like a spoon and a fork but this food is definitely no beuno. can I play in the sand without actually touching it?

She did finally venture off the blanket but didn't go too far

I tried to get her to walk with me but she wasn't feeling it

Meanwhile, this kid ran and ran.
And ran and ran some more. How I wish I had just a fraction of that energy!

Showing some interest in the water
Still a little curious...
But quickly changed her mind

Abort! Abort! Take me back that that blanket, stat!
This guy didn't mind the water though
I really enjoyed watching him have so much fun

We attempted a few more pictures in the sand but only one child would stand still long enough

Loves her daddy, there's no doubt about that
Did I mention she's not a fan of the beach?
Put me back in that sand and I will cut you.

This little punk thought it was so funny to destroy my writings in the sand. The nerve.
Check out that hair.
The Boyds

Looking forward to more trips to the beach in the future. It's kind of sad that we only live 30 minutes away from the ocean but hardly ever make it down there. I'm resolving to change that this summer...I think with a little encouragement our diva daughter will come around ;)


Stephanie said…
They're so adorable and I of course love her monogrammed swimsuit.
Jocelyn said…
Very fun... I hope our little family can make it to the beach (even if it's just for a day) sometime this summer.

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