12 Months

My baby girl is 12 months old!

She weighs 19lbs, 11oz. and is 28 1/2 inches tall.

Look how far she's come from her 4lb., 15oz. beginning. God is great!

12 months of Harper:

So Harper, what have you been up to this month?

You are a crawling fool! I am seriously impressed by the speed in which you get around. You aren't walking alone yet but walk holding on to things and have stood by yourself for about 10 seconds before dropping to your knees. And even though you aren't walking, it hasn't stopped you from CLIMBING. You climbed the entire staircase at your Beda & Pappy's house. You climb in and out of the armoire's bottom cabinet. The other day I caught you on top of the table in the play room. You are even trying to climb out of your crib already. I find all of this to be very strange because you are supposed to be my calm, easy, girly baby. That's the deal we had, remember??

I'm on top of the world!

You pretty much inhale food the moment it is placed in front of you. You still refuse to let anybody feed it to you though. It sure is messy to let you do it yourself but it makes you happy, and we love to see you happy so you always win.

Do I have anything in my teeth?
You are learning and soaking in so much. Sometimes I feel like a slacker mom because I'll get out a toy to teach you how to do it and you already know how it works. But I guess that's just part of being a mom to 2 versus a mom to 1 and one of the perks to having a big brother to play with and learn from. You know how to play with the best of them, too. Not sure if it's your personality or just having an older brother but you choose balls and trucks over dolls and lovies every time.


Eleven months must be the magic number for my babies because it's when both you and your brother FINALLY BEGAN SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!  I didn't do anything different with either one of you; it's just when you started settling in to your deep sleep better. One night you just decided to stay asleep and from there you haven't looked back. And it. is. glorious!

Sometimes I find you like this...
...and then sometimes I find you like this. Hey, whatever works!

We are in the middle of weaning and are down to one nursing session a day. You've done great with the transition which I'm very thankful for. I am ready to have my body and "freedom" back (I haven't pumped once since you were in the NICU and couldn't be happier about that!!) but a bigger part of me is really sad to see our nursing days come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed the bonding we've gotten to experience over the last year and I'm going to miss it.

Other things I want to remember about you at 1 year:

-You are learning more words each week. So far you say mama, dada, bubba, hi, bye-bye, uh-oh, baby (ba-ba), no, and more. 

-You can follow simple commands like go get your baby or give me kisses.
-You have 5 teeth. 3 on top and 2 on bottom. 

-You are a total momma's girl and I love it. You recently started giving hugs all on your own and they are some of my very favorite moments of the day!

-You get excited when it's time to say the blessing and do the cutest prayer hands ever.

-Your brother is your hero. You love him to pieces and follow him around all day long. He likes to sing for you and you clap for him when he's done. I hope you two will grow up as best friends.

-Your favorite toys are the gumball machine, the zebra scooter (which you try to climb up to stand on its handlebars), your play table, miniature books, and the abc magnets (which you love to sling off the fridge all over the kitchen floor).

You are such a happy little girl and you light up our lives!

Harper, your birthday didn't change a thing in my book. You will continue to grow and change as time passes but one thing that will remain constant is the fact that you are and always will be our sweet doll baby...even when you are grown and have babies of your own. We are enjoying seeing life through your eyes and are so grateful and excited to be there every step of the way. Happy birthday, Chicklet! We love you.


Tracye said…
My sweet little Harper! Can't believe she's a year old!!!
Jocelyn said…
Such a sweet post! I can't believe the change and growth between the top two car seat pictures.

Happy birthday, Harper!

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