The Big 5-0 in the Big D

Mom, Harper, & I took a little girls' trip to Dallas a couple of weeks ago. It was my uncle's 50th birthday and we wanted to surprise him. My grandparents also drove in from Oklahoma and my other uncle and his wife and kids live nearby, so we were all able to get together to celebrate.

I did a terrible job taking pictures to document the trip (most of these were stolen off of my mom's fb) so I'm going to have to rely on my memory to get me through most of this post. Uh oh.

Mary came to pick up Harrison on Tuesday to keep him for me. Call me crazy, but I didn't think it was a good idea to try to take him with us to Dallas. Something about a 5 hour car trip, messing up nap schedules, and dining out at an upscale restaurant didn't really sound like his cup of tea. :) And judging by these pictures, I'm pretty sure he was very happy with the decision to go with his Mamaw. He couldn't wait to get his suitcase in the car and get on the road. He is getting SO. BIG.

Hurry and take the picture already, Mom! I'm ready to hit the road!

See ya!

We left Wednesday. I was a little nervous and almost considered backing out since Harper had been so sick. But her fever broke and we just brought the nebulizer with us so I could give her her scheduled breathing treatments. Rick even snagged us an adapter so we could use it in the car. It worked out perfectly because while she hates sleeping at home, she actually sleeps pretty well in the car and was able to catch up on some much needed rest. She did great on the road and the trip to Plano was smooth sailing. And of course the first place we stopped once we arrived was none other than Taco Bueno. I so miss that place.

yummy deliciousness

Steve didn't know we were coming and we wanted to keep it a surprise until his actual birthday the next morning. We spent the afternoon hanging out with the rest of the family and making last minute preparations for his birthday. Bright and early on Thursday we headed over to his house where he was greeted by us...and a few other "guests". My mom really wanted to pay him back for saran-wrapping her car on her 50th birthday. I think it worked considering in the 15 minutes we were there 3 people had already driven by and stopped to comment on his yard decor and one person even got out their camera to take pictures. Ha!


the yard

haha, he's old.

My grandparents, mom, and cousins & uncle

Steve had to work so we left him alone and went and played without him. We had breakfast at Chickfila and then took the kids to school. Or should I say Stephanie is such a trip to see her behind the wheel of a car. How is she old enough to be driving? Insane!

I was a little scared, I'm not gonna lie...

But luckily I had this awesome dude to distract me.

We met up with my Aunt Rachelle and my Grandma for a little shopping and lunch.

girl time!

Then we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Harper was pooped out from our busy day.

I apparently need to invest in a baby sleeping mask

We had dinner reservations at Maggiano's and it was beyond delicious. I think this is the first time my mom's side of the family has all been out to eat together. It was a great time!

look at all that fire

Great Uncles + Zoe

Mom, Uncle Steve, & Uncle Eddie

Add in the grandparents

One half of the table

Addison & Hunter

(The necklace and the earrings didn't last long)

Harper with her great-grandparents

Zoe & Jet

Addi & Rachelle (say cheese, Steph)

Birthday boy plus 2

We headed back Friday morning. There was an accident near downtown Dallas and it took us over an hour and a half just to go 10 miles, yikes. I sure don't miss driving in that traffic every day. Harper did amazingly well and I don't think she fussed once the entire way back. It was a fun trip and felt good to get out of town for a few days to make some great memories with family!


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