9 Months

Today my baby is 9 months old!

She weighs 18 lbs., 6 oz. (45th percentile, unadjusted) and is 27 1/4 inches long (40th percentile, unadjusted). (She's lost weight since she's been sick)

So Harper, what have you been up to this month?

You are quickly on your way to more independence. You roll all over the place and are getting up on all fours trying to crawl. I have a feeling I’m about to be even more worn out than I am already, which is already pretty worn out. Ha!


You are pulling up on your knees a lot and have almost made it to your feet a few times but are still a little wobbly. We had to move your crib down because you started popping up and looking over like you were ready for a cliff-diving adventure. It made me a little sad to do it because it’s another tangible reminder that you are trying to become a big girl on me. Stop that, please?

The view is better from up here!

You got your first and second teeth this month. I’m sure going to miss your toothless grin but those two bottom teeth sticking up sure are cute, too!

Now that I have these handy dandy tools in my mouth I do believe I'll just gnaw my way outta here.

You’ve been pretty sick this month and it’s messed up any progress we were making with your sleeping/eating schedule. You finally slept all the way through the night for the first time in 5 months (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but then your congestion and breathing issues put an end to that. You are getting better at stretching out your continuous sleep at night but I’m realizing that I’m just going to have to accept that you don’t do naps well. I’m lucky if I get an hour out of you a day and that’s usually a collective hour of a few choppy 15-30 minute naps. It’s hard to try to be consistent with a schedule because we are on the go a lot so I’m trying to learn to just go with the flow and be okay with it.

Sleep? Who needs sleep?! MUST. KEEP. EYES. OPEN.

You still aren’t very interested in baby food. You blow and spit it out and make a giant mess so I haven’t really been pushing it. You are obviously getting plenty of calories and nutrients from nursing so I’m not worried. The last few days I’ve been giving you little bites of table food and you seem much more interested in that so maybe we’ll just skip right over the baby food for the most part?

You eat nachos in front of me and then expect me to eat THIS?

You love it when your best friend comes over to play.

so. stinkin'. sweet.
 You love for us to sing to you and play pat-a-cake and even learned to clap along this month. You are generally just a very happy baby all around as long as you’re getting some sort of attention. And it’s pretty safe to say that you are most definitely not shorted on attention...you make sure of that :)




Harper, you are already ¾ through your babyhood and I just can’t believe it. While it makes me sad to see these days disappearing behind us it is such a joy to watch you grow and explore and see your personality bloom. Every day with you is a privilege and blessing and I can’t imagine life without you. We love you so incredibly much!


Stephanie said…
She is absolutely adorable!! Love the picture with her leg warmers.
Anonymous said…
she is my sweet doll.. love her to pieces.. give her hugs and kisses from mamw and papaw.. see her and harrison soon. has it really been nine months? time sure flys
Jocelyn said…
So cute... I can't believe she's so old! ;-) Her first year is going by WAY too fast!

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