Sick day.

We've all been fighting colds around here. Some are winning the battle a little better than others. My poor wheezy Harper...we had to take her to urgent care on Saturday because she is having breathing issues again. They gave her an oral steroid and told me to continue giving her nebulizer treatments which I had already started the day before. Unfortunately the albuterol doesn't seem to be helping her very much and it was back to the doctor again first thing this morning. Now we've added pulmicort to the that means regular breathing treatments every four hours (including waking her up at night) and steroid breathing treatments twice a day. Just keeping her medicated is a full time job in itself - ha. She's been officially diagnosed with reactive airway disease and the dreaded A-word has been mentioned several times. I so hope she grows out of all of this mess!

I'm feeling pretty yucky myself but the worst part is seeing Harper so miserable. I hate seeing her sick and struggling to breathe and I'm trying not to drive myself crazy with anxiety...but if I'm being honest it hasn't been easy. I sometimes miss the ability to call in sick to work and stay under the covers all day and hide. Hmmm, I'm not sure but I think there's a slight chance I may be in a funk. ;)

Part of that funk probably definitely has a little to do with our pharmacy experience this morning. We needed milk and I was pretty pumped to have a coupon for $0.75 off. Which I realize might make me sound a little pathetic, but hey, $0.75 is still $0.75! So I had a little extra pep in my step as I made my way back to the pharmacy counter to check out and pick up Harper's prescriptions. And then the-perfectly-nice-but-bearer-of-very-bad-news-pharmacist informed me that her medications were....wait for it....THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS. $380! Suddenly I wasn't so excited about getting my milk on sale.

Blah, blah, blah. Debbie Downer. The end.

Harrison was in a funk, too. I told him we couldn't play outside today and he didn't think that was very fair. But I do applaud his effort of putting his own shoes on -- even if they are on the wrong feet and over his footie pjs :)


Anonymous said…
such sweet mamaw babies.. get well soon.. cheer up.. the sun will shine soon and harper will be feeling better and rolling away again... love all of u
Stephanie said…
Hope she gets to feeling better very soon! We've been doing Pulmicort since our hospital stay in October. And even though it is no fun it has made a HUGE difference!
Tracye said…
I hate giving them breathing treatments... but it sure does help. Christian was always on pulmicort and xopenex. Albuterol didn't work very well for her. And the steroids, of course. Those made Cullen freak out like a monkey on crack. Ugh.

Hope she's feeling (and breathing) much better!

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