8 Months

My baby is 8 months old today!

She weighs approximately 18lbs.

She is about 27 inches long.

So Harper, what have you been up to this month?

You said your very first word! And let me tell you, it completely melted your Dada's heart that it was his name. He whipped out the video camera before I even knew what was happening, ha! You are becoming more and more vocal and love to babble and talk to us. So far I've heard the D, M, and B consonants and I'm patiently waiting to hear Mama. No pressure... :)

Daddy's girl!

You thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and opening all of your presents and playing with your new toys. You are such a curious baby and reach for everything in your sight. It's so much fun watching you learn and explore and grow, and it sure warms this mama's heart to see you stick those chubby little arms into the air and reach for me!

Mommy, pick me up already!

You had your first bath in the regular tub and you LOVE taking baths with your brother. And he loves pouring water on your head and "helping" me bathe you :) You splash and stare at him and giggle the entire time and it's one of my favorite parts of the day.

Bath Buddies!

I'm afraid the days of keeping you on a small blanket on the floor are over. We had to break out the big quilts (to protect our carpet from your reflux) because you are rolling and scooting your little heart out. I'm not sure I'm ready for two mobile babies! I need some more energy first.

(He calls you "Bito" thanks to your Daddy. It all started when he gave you the nickname "Harpito Burrito" since you were constantly swaddled up like a burrito. He said it so much to you that your brother apparently thought it was your name...and that is where "Bito" came from. I'm working on it, though! :) )

I have been trying to feed you more solids but you really don't seem all that interested in increasing your meals. You eat a jar of fruit or vegetables in the evening and I've started giving you cereal with fruit in the morning but you usually just want to play with it and spit it out. Your favorite foods so far are green beans and peaches and after several attempts at peas it's obvious you don't like them at all. You are still nursing every 3-4 hours and unfortunately that's around the clock -- not just during the day.

ENOUGH with the peas!

Which brings me to a question for you. Harper Grace, why on earth won't you sleep?! You are waking up every couple of hours at night and hate taking naps. Just this morning I put you down for a nap and you fought it for an hour and a half until you finally fell asleep (after letting you cry, rocking you, singing to you, putting you in the swing, and then letting you cry it out some more). And then you only slept for 25 minutes. Seriously??? Most days you only take one nap and it usually isn't very long or will just doze on and off while we're in the car. You don't seem to need or want sleep (you totally get that from me but I'm pretty sure babies need much more sleep than you are getting!).You are definitely wearing us out, little girl!

It's 3am and I'm ready to par-tay!

You are wearing a size 3 diaper and 9 month and even 12 month clothes. You are our chunky monkey, plumpy princess and I just love it. There's nothing better than a squishy baby! Especially a happy, squishy baby who has a sweet smile on her face almost all the time.

I just can't get enough of these chubby cheeks!

Here are a few more pictures of you from your 8th month of life:

 Harper, your personality is blossoming and just when I don't think you could get any cuter or I could possibly love you any more, somehow every day it happens. What a blessing you are in our lives! We love you so, so, SO much!


Stephanie said…
She is absolutely adorable!
Tienna said…
*sigh* I miss you guys. She's so beautiful. I can't wait to meet her!
Tracye said…
I can't believe she's 8 months! Seems like she just got here.
Anonymous said…
i really love that girl...she will be mamaws girl soon... ha ha just like my boy..minus papaw who steals their hearts once they get to be 2 see you soon harper.. train away maybe you will get them done soon.... love ya always mamaw

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