Baby Laughs

I had high hopes of doing something fun with the kids today. I considered the zoo or the children's museum or maybe just the library, but ultimately we didn't even end up leaving the house. But it was for a good reason. Harper took...wait for it...TWO one-hour naps today! That's two days in a row of good naps -- I'm really hoping it was just her first tooth's debut that has had her so sleep resistant.

I have a long list of things on my don't-forget-to-blog-about-this list, but lately I haven't devoted much time to getting on the computer to post anything. It seems like it takes me a week or two just to get one post wrapped up from beginning to end and frankly I haven't had much motivation to catch up. It feels like life has gotten more demanding lately with the stage Harper is at. I've noticed when I do finally get some free time I'm much less productive than usual...I don't know if it's just a funk I'm in or if it's just because my brain and muscles are all tired and mushy.

Anyway, what I'm basically saying is that instead of taking the time I'm wasting right now rambling on about how behind I am on blogging to actually...I don't, I'm just gonna ramble on about how behind I am on blogging. See what I mean about unproductive?

But I am going to upload a video I took of the kids today playing in Harrison's crib after his nap today. These two kiddies sure do wear me out, but I so cherish the simple little moments like this that are tucked in throughout our daily grind.


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