Harrison went boom.

Harrison fell down at school today and got a little bump on his head.

Or should I say he got a BIG bump on his head.

It happened right before he got outside to me in the carpool line. A few mommy kisses later and there were no more tears. Isn't that the best feeling? Even though I hate that he got hurt it sure feels good knowing you are needed by your independent little boy.

And I'm a sucker, too. He looked so sad sitting there solemnly in the back seat with a giant knot on his forehead. So I asked him if a Sonic drink would help. He nodded and gave me a big, sweet smile, so happy hour drinks for two it was. I bent the rules and let him have his first slush in the car as opposed to the typical cup of ice he normally gets (but has always been completely satisfied with even though some people give me a hard time about it...I won't mention any names...cough, cough...TRACYEANDTIENNA...cough, cough...)

The mommy kisses and the slush did the trick. After we left Sonic it became obvious that he was over the trauma of his injury as he kept shouting "HARRISON WENT BOOM! HARRISON WENT BOOM!" followed by "I NEEEEEED SUSH-EE!"

Oh boy. Why do I have a feeling he's not going to be satisfied with only mommy kisses in the future??


Stephanie said…
Lol, poor little boy! But oh so cute.
Tienna said…
That face on the bottom shows pure ecstasy. Yep, no more ice for him anymore. Haha!
Tracye said…
Who? Me? ;)

Poor baby boy!

He deserved more than just ice after that! I'm so proud of you for relenting!!!

And, yes, making them feel better by a kiss is a great feeling. Cavan is the only one of mine that *really* and *truly* believes that my kiss makes booboos feel better.
Anonymous said…
my poor baby...boys are tough not mommies.. u should have called sooner... - one point for you...he will be fine.. now that u give slushies...ha ha harper was watching happen and put it in her to do basket... get a slushie...give him a kiss for mamaw and PAPAW as we know he has become a papaws boy too.. have a great day

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