More December fun!

I'm still trying to play catch up so humor me and pretend that it is still December, okay? Okay!

I already posted the pictures of our Christmases with our families but wanted to get in a few other random December happenings as well. Somehow I managed to take EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIVE pictures throughout the month. But don't worry, I won't be posting all of them. I've narrowed it down to no more than 750. After all, I would sure hate to bore you.

Harrison had his first ever stage performance at church. The PeeWees sang a cute little song that will forever be burned into my brain as I practiced it with my little munchkin approximately 24,937 times. He loves to sing and dance and was super excited about it and knew all the hand gestures. And then he got up on the stage...and, well...he wasn't so super excited about it anymore.

Then there was the family PeeWee School Christmas Party where the kids got to do different activities at different stations and sit on Santa's lap for a picture. Here is my crew at Harrison's class' station (under the poster I made as part of my room mom duties):

Harrison nomming on his cookie and Harper nomming on her fingers

Brody & Harrison


Stacie was kind to invite us over for some fun Christmas cookie baking at her house.

Trina helping with the mixing

Time for icing and sprinkles

Hamilton took a few swigs of food coloring when nobody was looking. Ha!

A local church in our area has Breakfast with Santa and we took the kids and met up with some friends.

On the Polar Express "train"

This was right before he knocked the display down

Our good friend Parker turned 5 this month and we went to his birthday party.

Making a wish and blowing out the candles

Boy, did Harrison have a great time playing all the games.

But I think his dad may have had even more fun at this birthday party. :)

Here are my babies on the carousel.

Harrison also had a classroom Christmas party during school. The kids and their parents decorated gingerbread cookies and stockings.

Rick had some flexibility in his schedule that day and was able to swing by the party. Harrison was much more interested in the cookies and icing and sprinkles than his daddy...but luckily his daddy could totally relate and there were no hurt feelings. Those boys love their cookies.

He has great teachers and talks about them all the time. I'm so grateful for them teaching and loving on my little boy!

Harrison and Mrs. Christi

Our friend Jeff (or Uncle Heffe' as Harrison calls him) turned 30 and Katie threw him a little party to celebrate. It was a "roaring twenties" theme and was a lot of fun!

There was a photo booth with props...

And after the majority of the party left we had fun shifting the roles around a bit.

Especially Dustin, Ha! :)

For the last several years it has been a tradition with my mom and grandma to go see the Nutcracker Ballet in Houston. This year Donna joined us and we had a great time. It was the longest I've left Harper and unfortunately it didn't quite go so well for Rick. She was fed and clean but her mama has become her pacifier and she didn't want to go to sleep. But they survived, of course, and the "adult" night sure was refreshing for me!

The weather, in its typical South Texas fashion, was pretty mild the week after Christmas. Usually it annoys me when it reaches the 70s in December but I gladly welcomed the chance to get out of the house for a walk to the park. This was Harper's first time sitting up in the wagon. Doesn't she look so big?

On the walk back to the house Harrison decided he was tired of being strapped in and wanted to pull the wagon like a big boy. So I let him.

We went to Carabba's to celebrate my step-dad's birthday. It was pretty much a disaster. They gave us a booth with a booster instead of the two high chairs we requested. Note to self: HARRISON IS NOWHERE NEAR READY FOR A BOOSTER. That child needs to be strapped down, for sure. We had to take him to the restroom twice to discipline him and Harper woke up crying the second we sat down and wanted out of her carrier...and that is why we hardly ever go out to eat! But other than the 3-ring circus going on at our table we had a good time :)

Since the kids were sick the week of Christmas we waited until the week after to take them to the Festival of Lights. I think we'll be doing it this way from now on because we almost had the entire park to ourselves.

Harrison kept asking (ordering) Rick to run through the light tunnels. Both of the kids loved it.

Kisses under the mistletoe

Okay! I think that's it for December! Which is good considering it's already 9 days into did that happen so fast? Speaking of the 9th day of January, today is my father-in-law's birthday. Happy Birthday to him!!


Jocelyn said…
I love the Santa picture... definite framer!

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