One week!

Our little Harpie Harp is a week old today! I thought I'd finally take a few minutes to upload some pictures and give another update on how she's doing. Since my last post she has improved by leaps and bounds! In just two days, they have decreased her oxygen from 1 liter to 1/4 liter. Her genes have kicked in and I think she realized that she belongs to family of eaters, and she is now chowing down on her bottles. They have increased her feedings and she is now getting all of her nutrients from breast milk, which means that her IV is coming out tonight! Her weight has dropped a little to 4lbs, 8oz but I think that's pretty typical. I asked her doctor the million dollar question of if he has any idea when she'll be able to come home, and he said that since she's made so much progress he wouldn't be surprised if she comes home as early as next week. Not a promise and I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but still, what an answer to prayers!!!!

Here are some pictures taken of Miss Harper over the last week. You can see how much difference a little time makes. Her eyes aren't nearly as puffy and although she's still a little pumpkinish, her color is getting better. And today she was finally given the green light to wear clothes!

Happy one week, my love!


Tienna said…
Thank you for sharing pics, Kels. It brings tears to my eyes to see her. She's gorgeous!!
Tracye said…
Those pictures made me cry! She's so little and beautiful and I can't wait to meet her! She looks just. like. Harrison!

She's making such amazing progress!!! Praying it keeps up and she's home soon!

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