The four words we've been waiting for!

We heard them last night...the four little words that every NICU parent longs to hear:

"Bring the car seat."


Harper's nurse called last night and told us that the doctor had given the order for her to be moved to an open crib and out of the incubator. If she can maintain her body temperature on her own for 48 hours and pass all of the tests required for discharge, it means she could be possibly coming home tomorrow or Thursday!!!! Her feedings have been increased to 2 oz. every 4 hours and she's nursing for 2 of her feedings. The nurse weighed her this morning and she's finally reached the 5 lb. mark! Last night she had her car seat test, which is where she has to sit in her car seat for 2 hours and have all of her vitals monitored to make sure she does okay out of her crib. She passed with flying colors! That's one step closer to leaving the NICU and coming home to her family...can you tell I can hardly contain my excitement?!!!


She is 2 weeks old today. Here are some pictures from her second week of life, along with a video of her making all those sweet newborn sounds that you forget just how much you love and miss until you have another sweet little newborn. Ahhhhhhh....

I think the pictures of her must be somewhat deceiving because a lot of people have commented on how big she looks. She has a little hint of chub in her cheeks, but that is the only place. She's got the longest, scrawniest little chicken legs like me and no tush whatsoever...even her preemie diapers are too big on her. Just look how itty bitty my doll baby looks in her car seat:

And with her binky that takes up half of her face:

Her brother is going to be so proud of her love for binkies. Either that, or extremely jealous. We'll soon see!

Speaking of Brother, he has been having the time of his life over the last several weeks. Mostly because of this woman, who has spoiled him totally rotten:

Harrison and his "Memaw"

I've got her right where I want her!
 Over the weekend, Rick and I finally got to spend some good quality time with Harrison for the first time in over a month. We took him to the Kemah Boardwalk and had such a great day! It was especially nice because it was one of the 3 days out of the year where Houston's humidity is under 99%.

Eating some lunch and watching the boats ("bohs") pass by

I couldn't stop laughing at the sight of Rick in this thing!

Um, Dad? Stop distracting me, please. I'm trying to fly a plane here.

Holy cow! What is going on here?

Where did the water go?


Ahh!! This water is scary stuff!

My favorite boys in the whole wide world

I can't wait until we can take both our kids out to do fun stuff!



Yay! What a sweet little princess. I'm so glad she's going better. She will continue to be in my prayers.
Tracye said…
Cute pics and video! That kid looks JUST. LIKE. HARRISON.

Guess you (like us!) make one baby over and over and over!

Glad she's doing so well and is coming home soon!
Melanie said…
Grow Harper Grow--you go girl! So happy that she is doing so well. Your family is adorable. I bet Mary is LOVING every minute with Harrison--she has such awesome grandkids.
I remember discharge day like it was yesterday! My mom said my hubs & I looked like kids in a candy store holding the carseats of the girls ready to leave the NICU! I sure felt that way! Can't wait for you to have your family of four under one roof! Our first night home with all of us under one roof was perfect & waking up the next morning and letting all three kids snuggle in bed with us was even better!!! Yay for Harper!
Tienna said…
So it's pretty easy to love someone you've never met, apparently. :) Because that video and those pictures literally made me fall in love with that girl. She's perfect, Kels. Well done!!

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