And Then There Were Four...

Harper Grace Boyd arrived this morning at 8:19am.

4lbs, 15oz

18 inches long

It was love at first sight.

She is currently in the NICU. She's having some trouble breathing and has some fluid in her lungs, but is doing well. Please pray for her to breathe easier on her own. I'll try to give a more thorough update tomorrow.

Harper, your mommy and daddy love you so incredibly much and it breaks our hearts that we are apart right now. We long to have you in our arms. We already don't remember what life was life before you and look forward to all the sweet memories we have in our future. Welcome to the world, baby girl!


Praying for ya'll & little Miss Harper! She is going to do great I'm were about 34ish weeks?

She'll be home before you know it and you will be getting to enjoy your two babies together! Can't wait to see big brother & lil' sister together & what he thinks of her!
Jocelyn said…
Congratulations! I hope she gets to go home soon!
Tracye said…
Awwww. Sweet little baby.

Can't wait to meet her!

Congratulations!!! Hopefully we'll see you soon... get some rest!
kelsey said…
Thanks, ladies!

@ Twinkies Mom: yes, I was 33w6d so they went ahead and counted it as 34 weeks. She's stable but still needing oxygen to breath and we haven't gotten to hold her except for the 10 seconds in the operating room. Our arms are aching for her, which I'm sure you can totally relate to! We've been told to expect a NICU stay anywhere from 2-6wks, so we're just taking it a day at a time.
Erin Cunningham said…
We have already prayed for her healing and now, we just continue to Praise God, and Thank Him for her Healing and Victory in Jesus' Name! My baby Benjamin was in the NICU (only for 5 days, but not expected, and my first experience with that). What helped me was singing praise songs to him, speaking scripture over him, thanking God for his healing, etc. I am excited for you and your family, and will be rejoicing with you when she comes home with you healed, and perfect, just the way she was made! :) Love, Peace, Joy, and Comfort, in Jesus' name!

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