In case you were wondering... actually is possible for a dog to scarf down an entire corn cob in 2 seconds flat. 3 or 4 nights ago, we had barbecue for dinner. Mid-way through, Harrison launched the tray to his high chair and his food went flying. I won't lie; most of the time I find it pretty convenient that my dogs are like little vacuum cleaners. The only thing left to pick up was the tray, his cup, and his corn on the cob. Except the corn on the cob was nowhere to be found. We all thought that there was no freaking way the dog could have eaten the whole cob in just a couple of bites (gulps?) without us even noticing. 

Well. I guess we all underestimate our Sydney.

Last night the remnants of the said cob made their way back up via her disgusting hacking and gagging and barfing. As if we need another reason to be woken up in the middle of the night, or another reason to spot treat the carpet. I love that dog, but I swear. She always somehow manages to make it back into the center of attention one way or another. I guess I should just be glad the cob found its exit the free and less medically complicated way...



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