Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter: Hospital Style

Our circumstances haven't really allowed us to have the traditional Easter celebration, but we were definitely not going to let that spoil our fun. And, just maybe, several years down the road we'll even look back fondly at our Hospital Holiday? It's a stretch, but it could happen, right?

Easter bunnies, waiting for our little man to arrive

Harrison's goodies

When Harrison walked through the door this morning, he couldn't wait to get his hands on our "hats".

I'll go ahead and take these, thankyouverymuch.

But it took him a few tries to get them on right side up.

What's so funny, Mom?

Eventually he figured it out. Just long enough to decide he didn't want to wear silly bunny ears, though.

My "Hare" Bear (I'll be here all night, folks)

He took a little time to rummage through his basket and check out his goods. 

Books, bubbles, coloring, they're great and all, but where in the heck is my chocolate bunny?

His favorite were the bubbles. He would chase them all day long if somebody was patient enough to blow them for him. I need to look into getting him a bubble machine...I'm thinking one of those could come in mighty handy in the near future.


And of course he got to hunt eggs.

Ready to get his hunt on.

Which took forever, because he refused to go to the next egg until his current egg was opened and the contents were consumed.

Get in my belly.
I've got you!

Nom nom nom!

Must. Get. Open.

Apparently all the eating was pretty exhausting, because at the end he opted to sit down against the wall to eat the rest. And then he went back through the eggs, one by one, to make sure he hadn't missed a single piece of "candy." Except that I'm a lame mom and his "candy" was really just yogurt melts and goldfish crackers. :)

This is hard work, hunting all these eggs.
When he realized that yes, in fact, all of his eggs had already been emptied and were therefore rendered useless to him, he dumped them all out and wore his basket around as a hat.

This is how all the cool kids wear their baskets.

And before you go feeling sorry for my poor child for the less-than-exciting hospital festivities, here are some pictures of him hunting eggs from yesterday. Outdoors and with other kids and with real candy, blah blah blah. Not that I'm jealous or anything.

I'm so ready for this!

Where's he going? Good thing this competition wasn't for money.

Back on track...

I don't have enough hands.

Not your typical Easter, but a blessed one nonetheless.

Happy Easter from the Boyds!

Easter 2011


Lindsay Salsky said...

Oh this made me laugh! That is a good picture of you and Rick, and of the 3 of you. Harrison is such a character. We just left your house where he proceded to try and ram me with his scooter, he even got a running start. He did it multiple times with this huge smile on his face. Hang in there Kelsey, you are doing great.

Anonymous said...

it was fun.. he had a great time and did not know any different..later in life he will bring it up when he sees the pics and kid his baby sister about ruining his Easter. ha ha mil

Tracye said...

Adorable pictures!!! You all look great!



I did the same thing when Christian was that age... but gave up soon after. The world conspires against giving kids healthy stuff!

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