Monday, April 11, 2011

Clubs, Helicopters, Parties, & Church (oh my)

Our weekend was filled with girl fun, helicopters, a dinner of the fancy sort, great conversations, church, several trips to Lowes, last minute touches to the nursery, yard work, a trip to the grocery store, and believe it or not, some nice lounge time mixed in there somewhere, too. Love it when I get some nice relaxation in and also feel productive at the same time.

Saturday it was time for my Movie Club (still just the Three Amigas but I am dedicated to calling it a Movie Club, ha!) to meet and see a flick. Except when we got to the theater, we discussed all the movies and there wasn't really one that we were all really excited to see. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we decided to just skip the movie and enjoy the outdoors instead. We had a yummy lunch, some great conversation on the patio, and afterward one of the best pedicures I've ever had. We're talking not just attention on the feet, but a fabulous hand, arm, neck, and back massage as well. DE.LIGHT.FUL.

While I was out getting my girl fun on, my boys were having plenty of fun as well. Our friend Charlie is a pilot in the Coastguard and they were having a maritime youth expo nearby. I was a little nervous that Harrison would be scared of a helicopter flying and landing so close, but he loved it.

Flying in from the bay

Charlie coming in for a landing

Daddy and Harrison


Jeff and Katie (And baby Hollyn!)

Charlie and Christy

Loving the basket

OMG! Look at all these switches! I'm in heaven!
 Saturday night it was time for our Fancy Dinner Party! I am SO glad that we've been doing this. Amy and Steven are great friends and if it takes scheduling dinner on the calendar each month to be intentional about hanging out, then so be it. It's a lot of fun to try new recipes out and so far everything we've had has been really tasty.

It was Amy & Steven's turn to host and I have to give her huge props because their oven just recently died. So she decided on grilled ribeyes that were marinated in garlic anaheim chilis and fresh oregano. The sides were wedge salad, mamba rice and she also made the most delicious beer-battered asparagus with the best dipping sauce ever. I'm talking heavenly. If you've never tried fried asparagus you need to asap, I'm just saying.

I actually made dessert this time instead of the classier route of swinging by the frozen section of Walmart, so I think I deserve a pat on the back. It turned out really good, if I do say so myself.

After dinner we had fun playing with the boys and being silly, but when bedtimes were long passed and crankiness ensued, I mentioned that next month we should just get sitters and go out somewhere instead. Ha! Harrison and Grayson are both only children and didn't have the best time with the concept of sharing. Lots of whining and tears and I for some reason thought Harrison just might go to sleep in the crib they have set up, but it only took 30 seconds to realize that wasn't going to happen. So we called it a night and on the drive home I kept thinking that traffic was really thick for being so late. Then I looked at the clock at it was barely 10. Funny how life changes when you have kids! Rick and I laughed that back in our more youthful days that would be about the time that we would leave the house to go out on a Saturday night and here we are now feeling like it is a challenge to keep our eyes open. I must say that I like this lifestyle much, much more.

The napkin rings -- I mean super hero bracelets -- were a big hit.

Rick with a couple of kids between his legs. That just doesn't sound right.

Steven insisting that he cleans the kitchen ALL THE TIME despite Amy's suggestion that we get photographic evidence of Steven cleaning the kitchen.

Some of the tears I mentioned

Like I said...the napkin rings were a huge hit!

Sunday morning we got to hear our friend Jeff give his very first sermon at church in the junior high and high school ministry. He did a great job! I was looking around the room at all the kids and thought about the fact that right around the corner Harrison will be sitting in there with his friends. I'm so thankful that our church is filled with faithful servants who invest and pour into the lives of our kids.

And finally, we are finished with Harper's room! I made the last minute touches this afternoon and will try to get some pictures posted tomorrow. I love the way it turned out!

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