Sickness lingers.

So it appears that our house cannot escape the cloud of sick germs and viruses and infections and general yuckiness that has transpired over us lately. Harrison was running a fever last week with a mild cough and congestion. Then he had his 4-month checkup and got his immunizations and it all went downhill from there. I am regretting letting them give him his shots while he already wasn't feeling well! We barely avoided a trip to the ER Friday night because he was extremely wheezy and was having a hard time breathing. Thankfully we were able to wait to take him to the urgent care clinic Saturday morning instead, because I've been to the ER here and it is NOT a pleasant experience (not that any of them are). Turns out he has bronchiolitis, which is caused by the virus RSV. After they checked his oxygen levels and gave him a breathing treatment, they sent us home with a prescription and we've been giving him 4 or 5 breathing treatments every day since then. Which are FUN for all, let me tell ya. I feel like CPS should show up at my door any minute now for inflicting so much trauma on my baby!

He's still coughing and congested, but feeling much better. But, of course, I caught what he has after just a mere week of feeling better from whatever crud I had a few weeks ago. Which makes my sick count up to 4 times this year. Now let's hope that we won't just keep infecting each other over and over and over. And that Rick doesn't get sick, too, not that he ever does. And not that I resent him or anything... :)

I haven't taken very many pictures this week since it seems sort of cruel to flash a camera in a sick baby's face. Here are a couple that I managed to snap over the weekend of Harrison enjoying the comfort of his Grandma Mary's lap:

Harrison and the rest of us really enjoyed his grandparents' visit! Next time he promises not to sleep the whole time. ;)

And now it's time to sign off so I can nurse us sicklings back to health. Once again, please send get-well wishes our way!


Anonymous said…
hope you all get better. he is such a doll. had a great time with both of you. dad had fun with rick too. photo shop....don't any of my daughter-in-laws me out here.. you both are scaring people who look at your blogs... love ya mary
Tracye said…
I would LOVE to use photoshop, but I DON'T OWN it yet. Hint, hint. ;)

Poor baby looks like he doesn't feel good.

Bronchiolitis is what Cavan had a month or so ago when we started him on breathing treatments.

What's with this little boys and all the sickiness?
kelsey said…
I don't have photoshop, either. Hmmm.... :)

I hate the breathing treatments! Makes me feel like I'm trying to smother my child or something. I guess it's just my first lesson of tough love as a parent.

Hope all three of the boys get well soon. For their health and for our sanity!

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