Spring Break Recap

I'm finally starting to feel better and wanted to get pictures up of our spring break week. This will probably be the longest recap ever, so I'm warning you in advance...

Joel came up to stay with us for the week and we all had a great time! Harrison just watched and smiled and cooed at him and Joel loved to entertain him.

I think I already mentioned that Day 1 was Nasa day. I still don't have the pictures from Jon so just picture everybody standing in front of a space shuttle.

On Day 2 it was just me versus 3 kids. I was a little nervous at first, but I found out a little secret. It appears that the more kids there are, the more they entertain themselves! Ha! We ventured out to meet a friend of mine for lunch, but after that we were all cooped up in the house because of the rain. They looked like they were having so much fun that I wanted to join in the festivities. We built forts, read books (and lined up books and counted books and stacked up books), played dress-up, and watched a movie.

 Argyle Madness!


More dress-up (but the hat wouldn't fit on his ginormous head!)

Day 3 was St. Patrick's Day. Joel kept saying "Patrick's State" and kept asking when we were going there. So cute! We didn't go to Patrick's State, but we did walk down to the park.

Being silly

 Yet another hat (size 6-9 months) that won't fit on my poor baby's head (age 3 months).

Then we came back and played. Joel was being extra loving to his baby friend:

 I'm gonna love you and hug you and squeeze you (to death)!  Does anybody else remember Elmyra from Tiny Toons? :)

I think by Day 4 we were pooped. I don't really remember what we did, and these are the only pictures I have to reference:

 Doesn't look very comfortable...

 There! Much better.

Day 5 was spontaneous. At the last minute, my SIL called to see if we wanted to meet her and her crew at the rodeo. My initial reaction was to promptly decline, because driving an hour and then handling 2 kids by myself in a huge and super-crowded arena did NOT sound like fun. But then neither did staying in the house on a beautiful day, and I didn't want to miss out on seeing the fam. So, I put on my brave face and loaded the kids up and off we went. And I'm really glad we did! I was pretty lucky because Harrison slept most of the afternoon and waited to have his meltdown until we were back in the car.

Dressed the part, of course.

Watching baby chicks hatch.

 Cousins chillin' at the strollerfest.

So that brings us to Day 5. Can I just say after my busy week that Day 5 was much needed?! It included a fabulous girls' day out filled with food and shopping. I was so excited and grateful to get some birthday money to spend on a much needed post-baby wardrobe!

The girls

Rick and the guys were in charge of childcare. Needless to say, I was a little nervous leaving Harrison with them, ha! It was the first time I was away from him for more than a couple of hours, and Rick and his little friends (JON) thought it would be funny to send me pictures like the one below to help ease my worries. So nice of them! 

My poor baby.

 Then it was pizza for dinner. The best! No cooking or cleaning required. It was just what I wanted: a small get-together with some great friends where we hung out and played board games. I'm pretty easy to please (and boring?).


 The kiddos in matching PJs...ready for bed.

Ashleigh, Katie, Joel, Jeff (and Hank & Charlie)

 Lindsay, Allen, Jon, Ashley, Kolle

 Girl shot!

Day 6 was our church picnic. The day had so much potential, really, it did. But the 45 degree weather and 50 mph winds kind of put a damper on all of the festivities! It was still a lot of fun, we just didn't stay as long as we normally would have. 

All bundled up!

At least the sun was out...

That concludes our Spring Break 2010. For my one reader left (hi Rick), I warned you that this was the longest recap ever!


Jeff Norman said…
I read the whole thing too! Good pics
Tracye said…
Read every word... and remembered (again!) that I forgot to mail your birthday card.


I'm so glad you came to the rodeo with us. We had bunches of fun and wouldn't have had nearly as great a time without y'all there. I know if the situation were reversed, I would have definitely been nervous, but I'm so glad you conquered the rodeo with us!
kelsey said…
I'm so glad we came, too! Thanks for thinking of us. Sometimes you don't realize how much you need a day out of the house until you get out of the house. It was so much fun watching the kids explore and I think I got my exercise for the month!

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