Friday, April 2, 2010

4 Months

Today my baby is four months old. Four months!

It's becoming unmistakeably obvious that he's not an itty bitty newborn anymore. No more denial for this momma. It makes me sad in so many ways, but at the same time I'm also really enjoying this stage of his babyhood!

Rick and I measured his length last night and I still can't believe he's grown so much since we took him home from the hospital. I mean, that was just yesterday!

He weighs 16 lbs, 0 oz.  {total gain since birth = 7 lbs, 3 oz (umm, that's a whole another baby...)}

He is 26 1/2 inches long {total growth since birth = 6 1/2 inches}

So Harrison, what have you been up to this month?

You are becoming quite the little social butterfly and are really starting to engage with people and interact with your toys. You love it when I sing to you and play peek-a-boo and itsy-bitsy-spider. In fact, you let out your very first belly laugh this month when I was tickling your chubby little tummy! My heart melted right then and there, and oh how I've been enjoying getting more laughs out of you every day since!

You also rolled over for the first time! I said in your 3 month post that you were REALLY close, and I was right. You did it the very next day. We had just gotten you out of the bath and before we could get the diaper on your cute little butt cheeks you decided to show off for Momma and Daddy. We are both pretty big dorks because we were so excited that we cheered out loud for our big boy! Which got a huge grin out of you, of course. I don't think you meant to roll over at the time, but you've done it several more times since.

You've been quite the busy little man this month. You had your first trip to the zoo, to Nasa, and to the rodeo. You're getting much easier to take places because you love to observe and just take your surroundings in. Although I must say that you are getting reeeeally heavy being carried around in your car seat.  I don't think we'll use the carrier too much longer, though. You're a much bigger fan of sitting upright, and before too long you'll be ready to sit in the baskets full time. Until then, you are giving me quite the workout!

Freedom! Wait a second, are these MORE straps??

Speaking of workouts, we have been taking full advantage of this beautiful weather we've been having, because I know it won't be too long before the unbearable heat shows up. I put my jogging stroller together the other day and we took it for a test drive. Luckily we weren't too far down the street before I realized that I didn't have one of the wheels on right. Oops!

My little jogging partner

Let's talk about sleep, shall we? Like clockwork, you quit sleeping through the night at exactly 3 months, and have only done so about 3 or 4 times since. You wake up around 3am, and I feed you and you go right back to sleep. I know it's because you are growing like a weed and aren't staying full enough on milk alone, so it's about time to start introducing you to solids. We'll see what your doctor says next week. Now, as far as nap time goes, you don't really believe in it. The most I can get you to nap during the day is for about 20-30 minutes, and that's after a big fight. However, yesterday you surprised me. I swaddled your wiggly body up like a burrito and you took a nap in your crib for 2 1/2 hours! I kept checking on you every 10 minutes because it was so out of character for you. Hopefully you enjoyed it enough to make it a habit?

A rare sighting...

Harrison. Oh, Harrison. Your reflux is as bad as ever. I really try to laugh about it instead of worrying or getting frustrated, but it's hard. Some people help to reassure me by saying that a lot of babies spit up like you do, but when I took you to a mom's group last week you threw up with such force that everybody in the room was wide-eyed and wondering if you were okay - even a few of the nurses. It's so hard to keep you (and me) clean and dry and I get so anxious when I hear you vomiting from in your car seat and there's nothing I can do because I'm driving. You really love to be strapped into the chest carrier, but it's not practical because then you throw up all over the floor (or even all over the stove when I was cooking dinner the other night - luckily you missed the skillet with the food in it!). Last week I overheard two ladies from the daycare in church talking about a baby with projectile vomit and I knew right away they were talking about you (and they were). Even when you're not visibly spitting up you constantly have it in your throat and mouth and I can hear you gurgling it all the time. The worst part, though, was when your Daddy and I decided to add cereal to your bottle one night recently. After you went to sleep, you started choking and gagging and it scared you awake and you started screaming. But trust me, it didn't scare you nearly as bad as it did me. I didn't sleep more than 5 minutes at a time for the rest of the night and haven't dared to give you cereal since. I just want you to get better and I pray for your healing every single day.

Mommy didn't even get one picture in before it was already time to change me.

You are definitely your father's son. There is something in your genes that causes you to be completely infatuated with the TV. Your dad zones out in the same way; I'm not sure if it's a family trait or just something to do with being male? You could sit and watch the tube for hours if I let you (which I don't, of course). I think Regis is your fave because the second you hear his voice you turn and stare. When we took you to a concert benefit at church your eyes got really wide and actually twinkled at the sight of the giant screens, ha!


I know I mentioned your hair last month, but it's out of control! Ha! Little guy, you're starting to look like Gramps. You were born with such a thick head of hair and it is seriously falling out, and what's left is really fuzzy in texture. Except for your mullet - it seems to be hanging in strong! ;)

Don't make me blind you with my bald spot.

I think you might be teething already. I don't feel them yet, but you are pretty slobbery and have your fingers/fists/toys/blanket/anything-you-can-get-your-hands-on in your mouth all the time. I'm not sure if that's just a baby thing or if it's a sure indicator of your first tooth. 

 nom nom nom!

You continue to get more and more vocal each day. You coo and squeal and screech and giggle and we can't get enough! You're expressions are pretty priceless, too.

Harrison, there's no way for me to express just how much we love you. Every day you bring us such joy and happiness and laughter and are the best gift that we have ever been given!

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Anonymous said...

grandma can not believe time has flown so fast. harrison... from now on i will see you at least once a month if not more. i sure do miss you. i look at you everyday no matter where i on my computer screeen and at home with all the pictures...we love you and your crazy parents... have you trained them yet at alll???? love to all grandma mary aka bammaw

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