Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

I won tickets on the radio a few months ago to see Chelsea Handler live for her comedy tour that came through Houston Friday night. Jeff & Katie kindly offered to babysit (like 0.2 seconds after I told her I won the tickets, ha!) so me and the Hubster could enjoy a nice date, just the two of us. I don't get to watch her show anymore since we canceled cable last year, so I was beyond stoked to get to see her in person!

 No signs of baby vomit and I even combed my hair. SWEET!

We made it into Houston early enough to grab some dinner at Hard Rock. When I say dinner, I mean cramming into the overcrowded bar and devouring an extremely overpriced plate of nachos. But on the upside, we had a reunion with a couple of long lost friends!

 Stella and XX, it's been a while.

We had really awesome seats. I think we were in the 10th row, or something like that. Usually at any type of concert or game we are in the nosebleeds because we're so cheap, so this was a nice treat!

Oh, how I heart Chelsea.

We had a fabulous time. You don't realize how refreshing a nice night out can be until you actually do it. It was so great to laugh at obnoxious, offensive, grown-up humor. Don't get me wrong, I L-O-V-E getting giggles out of my baby love, but it was a blast hanging out with my hubby and refueling our relationship sans the kiddo. Which of course included a fair amount of talking about said kiddo, but that's beside the point... ;) 


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