The adventures of cereal.

I mentioned that Harrison had his 4-month checkup last week. And my boy apparently wasn't too pleased about it - he managed to puke AND pee all over both the doctor and me. I'm thinking maybe he knew he was going to be getting shots? Anyway, the doctor was a little concerned about his reflux (I'm sure getting barfed on helped form his opinion). He's still above average for weight, but his percentile average has dropped which indicates he isn't keeping enough food in his tummy. He said if it doesn't seem to get any better within the next 2 weeks while we introduce solids then he wants to put him on a prescription. He suggested feeding him rice cereal 2 times a day with a spoon (and not at night so we don't have another choking incident).

So we experimented!

Do I eat this?

Harrison vs. Cereal

First spoonful...

Not sure what to think....

Round One goes to Harrison!

But wait. Let me think about it some more...

Maybe I do like this, after all!

He's been quite the amusing child at feedings and makes the funniest faces. At first most of it ended up all over him instead of in his belly, but he's starting to get the hang of it now. Now let's hope it tames down the reflux so we can avoid medication!


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