"Sick & Sad"

We are on day 5 of strep throat around here. 3 out of 4 of us so far. 103+ fevers, chills, vomiting, general feeling of impending death. Not really much else to report this week...but I'll backup and recap last week.

The littles have been up to their fair share of shenanigans.

We are transitioning Harper into Harrison's room. It's been challenging but fun trying to decorate a coed bedroom. We upgraded her to a big girl bed and I spent HOURS cleaning out and organizing the room and closet. Consolidating two closets into one is not an easy feat in case you were wondering.

Which is why hearing the words, mommy, we made a messy mess! come look at our messy mess! was not very well received. I walked in to this:

The picture doesn't even do it justice. They climbed up and pulled every single piece of Harper's clothing off the hangers and threw them on the floor. They dumped out drawers of toys. They pulled the books out of the bookcase. They got out 3 boxes of bandaids from the bathroom and ripped all of them open and stuck them all over the walls and furniture and the trash was littered all over the place. I had JUST finished organizing everything a couple hours before this...so you can imagine how happy I was. Harrison looked scared, Harper just kept laughing at their "messy mess", and I broke down and cried. Ha! Harrison gave me a big hug and a kiss and told me not to be sad and that he'd help me clean everything up. So the next 2 hours I resisted the urge to just do it all myself the right way and instead made them pick up every toy and piece of clothing themselves. And ignored the fact that they hung half of them up facing the wrong way. ::cringe::


Wednesday was another fun day of disciplining. I had to take Harrison to the doctor to follow up on his reflux (still terrible) and they both did so great. I praised and praised and praised them. We had to stop by HEB to get a couple of things and I told them if they kept their excellent behavior going then I would stop by Sonic and get them a special treat to celebrate. I must have been setting them up for failure because apparently it is physically impossible to get through a 15 minute trip to the grocery store without fighting, hitting your sister, and ignoring mom. I tried to give Harrison one more chance and told him if he would climb in his car seat and put his seat belt on while I was unloading the groceries then he would earn his treat. That's all he had to do. Open the door and get in his seat. But instead he had a bad attitude and was being disrespectful and didn't even attempt to open his door. So he lost his privilege. Upon hearing this news he threw a giant fit and screamed and yelled and cried the entire. way. home. Harper did really good at the store so I still stopped to get her something, and at this point he glared and screamed, you ARE going to get me my special treat OR I'M GOING TO SHOOT YOU!!!! 

It makes me so sad when he gets like this. It's like he gets in this zone and there's no bringing him back until he chooses to calm down. I remember being the same exact way when I was a kid. So caught up in my anger and emotions that I would do or say anything to get a reaction out of my mom. So stubborn that I didn't care about the consequences. I've finally learned that when he's like that I have to just stay calm and refuse to engage or react when he's trying to push my buttons. When we got home I sent him to his room to lie down quietly and told him any time he got up or yelled it would add more time to the timer. 2 hours later he finally decided it might be in his best interest to cooperate. We had a long talk and he was still mad at me and felt like I was to blame instead of himself. It's so hard to get them to see that they are in control of their privileges and consequences and that life would be a lot easier if they would just make wiser choices.

icing on the cake: a bag ripped when i was unloading the groceries and a jar of applesauce shattered all over the kitchen.


And then Thursday. Oh, Thursday. Harper has been giving up naps so sometimes I let her do quiet time with her brother. I went in to check on them about 10 or 15 minutes in. In my fury I did not even think to take a picture of what I walked in to. Every book on their bookcase (that I had just organized AGAIN) was tossed on the floor. Harper was "cleaning" the furniture with a wet washcloth and water was everywhere. Then I saw tons of water all over the floor and noticed that the books were soaked. A lot of special books too -- books from my childhood, the kids' bibles, a photo book that I had made for my grandma and got back when she passed away. It took me a minute to figure out where the water came from...and then I spotted the fish tank with about an inch of water left in it. Thankfully Fishy Boyd survived. And thankfully my children did too. Ha.


So by the time Friday rolled around, I was determined to shift the tone of our week back to a fun and positive one. I planned a bunch of fun things for us to do and also had some errands to run. We had a nice brunch at Chick-fil-a, ran by Target and Walmart, and then I took them to see Frozen. They were angels and we had no behavior issues at all. It was a refreshing day for all of us!

Harrison kept telling me not to drop the popcorn going up the stairs and she kept shushing us :)

I think we might have been the last people to see Frozen. It was perfect though because there were only 4 other people in the theater. It was a cute movie and we all enjoyed it.

And then after the movie we came home and I got Harper changed for her very first ballet class. She has been BEGGING to take ballet so I signed her up for a free trial class to see how she would do.

she was so excited

posing like Vanna

and of course Bubs had to get in on the photo op ;) He said, "I'm about to start soccer so you need to take my picture too"

so happy to see her Dad walk through the door of the studio

She kept saying, thank you so much for letting me do ballet! Thank you to mommy and daddy and bubba for watching me be a ballerina! and then begged to do it again. :) I tried to take pictures of her in the class but there was a reflection on the viewing window. She did a great job. Listened and followed along like a champ with a cheesy grin on her face the whole time. Her teacher said she has a lot of potential and was incredibly attentive for being 2. Especially considering she came during the middle of the year during recital rehearsal and had no clue what was going on. I was never in dance so I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this arena, but I left with such a full heart. I'm not sure there's anything more precious than a sweet 2-year old ballerina.

We went home to change and we were going to take the kids to Jimmy Changas for family night. And then as I was loading the kids in the car Harrison asked, can I stay home and rest in my bed instead of going to Jimmy Changas? I didn't even have to feel his forehead to know he was burning up at that point!!! We came back inside and sure enough, 103.8.

He didn't let it stop him recording himself singing a song he made up. Oh my goodness, this kid -- he is an awesome little dude. He's quite talented...improvising and rhyming as he goes along. Even if part of his song includes "my mommy is bad". But at least it's "the good bad." Haha!

I took him to urgent care on Saturday since he was complaining of a sore throat and was also vomiting. It came on so suddenly Friday night that I suspected either strep or the flu. 2 hours later we left with no meds in hand because his strep test came back negative and the doctor said it was probably something viral. Saturday afternoon and Sunday went mostly like this:

he shared his sick germs with his momma
"I'm so hot and cold at the same time"

 Rick and Harper were still healthy so they escaped Sunday to go to church. They were having a chili cook off festival and I was bummed to miss out on the fun.

 Monday was more of this:

never too big to cradle

The doctor from urgent care called Monday evening to let us know that the cultures had come back from lab and he did actually test positive for strep. So he finally got a dose of antibiotics started.

And yesterday Harper came home from preschool with a note saying she actually slept during nap time. I took her temperature and sure enough...fever. Poor baby. Hopefully next week will be much more healthy and fun!


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