Monday, February 3, 2014

Other December Happenings

I'm wrapping up the last of our winter and Christmas fun that took place back in December. It was an exceptionally busy month this year with birthdays, vacation, and of course Christmas. This is my attempt to rationalize why I'm just now getting around to posting about it in February. Stay tuned to hear all about January in...I don't know...May or June. Ha.

Last year I bought a new tree on clearance and was looking forward to putting it up all year. I LOVE it. It is the prettiest fake tree I've ever seen. I didn't take a picture of the whole thing for some reason, but here you can see Kooter loves it as well. This is his spot in the month of December.

I moved a lot big-kid toys into Harrison's room for him to play with during quiet time. It's fun building stuff like this with him -- we make a good, detail-oriented team. :) 4 is a fun age.

Lots of fun hanging out around the house in PJs.

This was the morning they sang at church. They actually cooperated for a cute picture!

I laughed so hard later that night...Harper asked her dad to play beauty shop and put her hair in pigtails. When he was done, she felt so pretty and smiled for a picture and then ran to look in the mirror. Her smile faded into a look of shock and horror as she realized that instead of the 2 pigtails she requested, her dad put her hair in about 5 or 6. Oh, cue the drama. She ran to her room, grabbed a hat, and pouted on the couch. Life is hard when you're 2 and you have a jokester dad. :)

The kids were really into Chip Chesney this year. He was a little strapped for time and only got into a couple of silly shenanigans, but they were happy just to find him sitting in a different place each day. Harrison actually cried and gave him a huge hug goodbye when it was time for him to fly back to the North Pole after Christmas.

The kids had a fun Christmas party at school and got to do lots of fun arts and crafts and cookie decorating and inhaling. And they got to see Santa. He's a special Santa; they have had their picture taken with him every single year. He's even made 2 house visits when we weren't able to get out to see him!


Brody had a fun Christmas party at his house. It was Elf-themed with a pancake bar, arts & crafts, and of course an Elf viewing party. 

This next picture makes me laugh so I had to include it. Harper put on her ballerina leotard over her clothes and in the process it caused some bunching. She was walking around the house saying I have boobies! She is such a silly girl.

Harper is incredibly talkative at home but very shy around others. Usually if I get my camera out to catch her singing she'll stop because she's embarrassed. I caught a little bit of her in this next video...along with her bonking her brother on the head with Joseph. This really captures both of their personalities: Harper singing and playing and then her brother trying to steal the show :)

The night before we left for vacation, Beda & Pappy came by to drop off the kids' early Christmas presents. 2 portable DVD players, a bunch of DVDs, and their own personalized lap boards with coloring and activity books inside. Harper has always been my artist but Harrison was never interested in sitting still long enough to enjoy coloring. But now that he's older and can draw pictures and do different activities he's totally into it. His favorite are mazes.

Here is one of his masterpieces he worked on in the car, which we didn't discover until we were inside the mall. Ha!

We had our annual Christmas shindig with friends the weekend after.  I apparently only took 4 pictures, but it was a fun night.

Jon's white elephant gift

Ashley got some rainbow chip cake & frosting...she shares my love and obsession with it
We attempted to get a kid picture....
Colt's 1st Christmas
Pappy had a birthday.

We went to our local festival of lights. It was freeeeeezing but we still had a great time.

 We had some dear friends over for New Year's Eve. I totally expected to have 2 separate countdowns with little kids, but they were having so much fun and playing really well together that we decided to ignore bedtimes and let them hang with the grown ups. And hang they did! Mine didn't crash until after 1am. We baked cupcakes to ring in the new year, sang and danced, learned and practiced Auld Lang Syne to sing at midnight, and watched fireworks from our backyard. So much fun.

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