Princess Claire

There is a precious little girl in our community who has cancer. After a year of tough treatment she had a clear scan, but sadly last month a new scan revealed 5 tumors in her lungs and lymph nodes and she doesn't have much time left in this life. I don't know her family personally but I've been in peewees with her at church on Sundays and she is special. To honor her courageous fight and celebrate her, friends and family organized a "princess day" just for her. Thanks to word of mouth and social media, our community rallied in a big way. What was originally estimated to be a few dozen bystanders turned out to be a few thousand. On the drive over I was holding back tears. I can't imagine being in her momma's shoes. It really makes our trivial gripes and complaints and hangups fall quickly into perspective. And then when we turned off toward her neighborhood and saw the flood of people and police directing traffic I couldn't stop the tears any longer. It was incredibly moving to see so much love and support go out to this sweet girl and her parents in such a tangible way.

Both kids wanted to make their own posters for her. They also picked out some pink and blue flowers to give her as she rode by. We had a big conversation about illness and cancer. Harrison was asking a lot of questions and it's getting harder to avoid them. He has such a caring heart. Harper suggested that we pray for her, and we did.

Watch this video and tell me you don't cry. Beauty and sorrow intertwined. 

Here is the link to one of the news stories if you'd like to read more about her.

And another local mom set up a fund for anybody that would like to help support the Lankford's. Here is what she has to say:

Claire Lankford is five years old, and has been battling rhabdomyosarcoma since she was 3-1/2. After being cleared for remission just a few short months ago, it was recently discovered that the cancer had in fact returned in full force, and Claire is now considered terminal. Doctors gave her parents an option of treatment, which would include complete isolation with a maximum of 6 months, or no treatment, which would allow her to just be Claire and enjoy the time she has left with her family. Her family has chosen to forego treatment, and Claire has only several weeks to a couple of months left to live. Her mother is a principal at an elementary school in Dickinson ISD, her father an administrator in the Santa Fe school district. Two people who have given their lives to children, only to have their own (and only) taken away. Claire has multiple tumors in her diaphragm/heart area, and as this is a very aggressive cancer, all treatments options have been exhausted. The medical bills, even with insurance, is overwhelming. Any amount would help this family tremendously, please don't think that any amount is too little. If we could help to relieve any stress financially, I think it would be a tremendous blessing while they try to cope emotionally. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.- Mom's of League City, Friends, Family & Community

Please, please, please consider donating. Even if it's just $5. Every cent helps offset medical expenses and is a way to show this family love and support during an unimaginable time.  Here is the link to donate:

And most importantly, please keep Claire and her family in your prayers.


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