Movie Monday {B-I-B-L-E}

I don't think I've mentioned on here that I had to change ministries at church over the summer. I loved being a group leader for my sweet 6th graders (who are now all 7th graders) but our church moved the student group time to Sunday nights, and that is when Rick and I have our adult small group. I was really sad to have to step down. I was planning on being with those girls all the way through high school and I was upset to hand them over to someone else. Not that I am territorial at all or anything. Ha! Thankfully they are in good hands and I still get to see them on Sunday mornings and make them give me hugs and updates on their lives.

When I was deciding on a new ministry to serve in, I knew God was nudging me to serve in Pee Wees (ages 0-5). However, I have to admit that I did not have a good attitude about it at first. It took me a while to finally commit and sign up because I was not loving the idea of being around little rugrats. I'm sure that sounds awful. Don't get me wrong; I love kids. I just feel like I am around them 24/7 and really, really loved serving in the junior high where I got a break from the whining and runny noses and poopy butts. I enjoyed the relationships and mentoring versus feeling like a babysitter.

But once I sucked it up and got over my stubborn self and finally listened to God's direction, I have to say that being in the nursery has been a lot more enjoyable and rewarding than I ever expected it to be. First of all, my kids LOVE that I get to be their teacher sometimes. It is so neat seeing them interact in the classroom setting. And while there is definitely whining and runny noses and poopy butts, I do get to take my "mom" hat off and be a small part of little ones learning about Jesus. And it has equipped me to better teach my own children about Jesus. I now know all of their Serendipity songs and hand motions by heart and know exactly which story/lesson they are being taught each Sunday. I'm thankful to serve alongside a great team of volunteers and that God humbled my heart so I didn't selfishly miss out on the opportunity to do so.

Here are the kiddos singing some of our songs in the car. There really is no better feeling than hearing your children sing praise to God with such enthusiasm and joy. Another lesson I can learn from them!

God, you are great, great, great!!! 


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