We went camping at the beginning of the month and had the best time. Of course by "camping" I mean we stayed in a 2 bedroom cabin, but you gotta start somewhere, right? We went with good friends and between the two families we had 5 kids 5 and under, so a cabin just made the most sense. We went to Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in Waller and it was really nice and super family friendly. I am looking forward to going back!

On the way there, I realized my kids had no idea who Yogi Bear is. So I cranked up YouTube and gave them an introduction. Their generation has got it so easy...what did we ever do before smart phones?

The weather was perfect. Sunny and cool during the days and cold, campfire temps at night. Those kids played and played and played and played and had such a good time. It wasn't crowded at all so they were able to ride their bikes and scooters on the paved street without us having to worry about cars constantly. I think their favorite activity was playing in a mud puddle and throwing rocks into it. To be kids again...

Now for the picture dump. I considered scaling it back, but I don't do photo albums anymore and so this blog is the only way I document our lives. So be warned. :)

Getting all settled in

Who said girls don't like to play in the dirt??

friends helping friends


The men took the 4 big kids down to the playground...

...and this is how they returned. I think Ben had a little too much fun. Haha!

I got my baby fix in with this sweetie

Did someone say s'mores?!

The next morning we got up and went fishing. Instead of renting a golf cart, we just used the back of Rick's truck to transport us all over the park. The kids got such a kick out of riding back there. (calm down, they were only going 5mph and had an adult back there with them) :)

Daddy's girl

the 4 big kids

"be silly!"

be...creepy? :)

Love this family!

The Boyds

Riding the trolley

Harper being Harper

sweet girls taking a self portrait
The park has a water park that is supposed to be heated, but unfortunately for us their heaters were broken. 60 degree temps didn't stop a few brave people though (it most definitely stopped me!).

And then. THEN! The boys declared they wanted to try out the next monster of a slide. It took Harrison 10 minutes just to climb up all the stairs and I NEVER thought he'd go through with it. He's fairly cautious and doesn't like heights. But he did it! That little speck is him sliding down on his tummy on a mat.

Harper decided she wanted to catch a few rays.

Then we went back to the cabin for some treats and to warm up again. 

The boys collected some firewood for our campfire.

And after 2 days of solid playing and no napping, the kids began dropping like flies.

Abigail went first

And Harper followed 2 minutes later.

The boys stayed up for some s'mores and then off to bed they went. We were there over the time change so it was good in the sense that we gained an extra hour of grown-up time and fun with friends and good conversations and laughter around the campfire, but bad in the sense that the kids were all up at 6. Ha!

We ate a delicious breakfast (yet another perk of a cabin) and then packed everything up. We were sad to go.

Harper did not want to part with Abigail's chair. She LOVED it.

Before we left, we stopped by to play a game of miniature golf.

Harrison apparently took a selfie when I wasn't looking :)

I'm so grateful for our friendships. Not only are Stacie and I close friends, but our hubbies and kiddos all are as well. 

Harrison missed the dogs and was upset when we came home and they were still at my mom's. So he picked up the phone and facetime'd them. Once again, this generation has no grasp on how far technology has come! So cute that he was happy to see his pups, even if only virtually.


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