Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

Yeah, I know...I'm a week late. But between a great weekend camping (more on that later) and a little boy who came down with bronchitis, it's been a little busy around these parts.

Halloween didn't quite go as planned. Originally, we were supposed to 1) get all of our packing done for our camping trip, 2) meet up with friends for an early birthday dinner for Katie, then 3) our group of friends were going to keep our tradition of trick-or-treating together like we've done that last 2 years.

1) The packing didn't happen as timely as it should have because instead of taking a nap, Harper decided to test every boundary ever laid down before her. It must have been a full moon or something because that girl was not her normal self. There comes a day in every toddler's life where you reach a standoff with your parents...and Thursday was that day for us. But I'm happy to say that I won. It took an entire afternoon of repetitive reinforcement and dozens of time outs and even several spankings (she rarely ever gets to that point) and LOTS of tears (from both of us), but proper authority was eventually restored. I so hate days like these but they are unfortunately a necessary evil.

2) Dinner didn't happen for two reasons. The tsunami that blew through and the stomach flu that Katie had. On her birthday. Poor girl! I did however take her some rainbow chip cupcakes to cheer her up once her appetite was back.

3) I was sad to miss out on the group trick-or-treating, but because of #1 and #2 it wasn't in the cards. I didn't feel like setting Harper up for failure at a restaurant after our tough afternoon, and I still had our entire house to pack up for our trip the next morning. So we decided to just hit up a few neighbors and it was definitely the best decision. The kids were SO excited and it turned around everybody's moods.

dropping the pups off at our first trick-or-treat house
Beda had the good candy...
super parents
We surprised the kids with this new (to us) truck that my friend handed down to us
gorgeous sunset
thumbs up
They made out like bandits. It's a shame that their parents stole all the good stuff out of their pile.
Admire that chocolate while you can, son.
'cause it sure won't last long!

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