PeeWee School, here we come!

The kids started PeeWee School today!

It really was a miracle that I got these pictures. Mosquitos are TERRIBLE right now and they were swarming us like crazy. Even with bug spray they were relentless.
In the car, I kept hearing Harper apologize to those mean "quitos". She does this cute thing where anytime there's any fighting or conflict and it's time for the offender to tell her that they are sorry, she always apologizes first. The other day Harrison whacked her with a toy and she was so upset. When he walked up to apologize, before he could get a word out she told him I sorry, Bubba. I sorry. and gave him a big hug. Such a sweet girl. It was no different in the car today. I sorry, quitos. I sorry. :)
As we were driving up Harrison pointed out all the things that he remembers about his "new old school." It's new in that it's different than where they went last year and it's old in that it's the school he went to the year before. I was so surprised he remembers going there since he wasn't even 2 yet....but as we pulled in he pointed out where he had his class picnic and "made feeders for birds and went fishing" yep, he remembers! Now if only my memory were as sharp.
We had a great morning and both kids were eager to get in their classes. Harrison gave me a big smooch on the lips and said, bye, Mom! and Harper didn't even look back to wave, much less offer a hug or a kiss. When I picked them up they were so excited to tell me about their day. Harper was proud that she kept her panties dry and informed me that she wasn't tired so she didn't need to take a nap. :) Harrison was stoked because today the letter they were learning about was H and "that's my favorite letter!" We have had a GREAT summer and I was a little sad to see it come to an end but I'm glad they have 2 days a week where they can play and learn and socialize and get a break from their house and their mama.
I have a lot to recap and pictures to upload before fall officially arrives!


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