Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was even more extended thanks to my dear friend's 30th birthday. She lives in Oklahoma so we headed to Dallas to meet up and celebrate her big milestone.

I met my MIL on Thursday and she took the kids for the weekend. They were excited to go stay with their Mamaw and Papaw for a few days. However, I still struggle with leaving them. I don't know what my deal is. You would think after almost 4 years I'd be ready to ship them out the door at the drop of a hat. There are MANY days where I do feel like that...but then when it's time for them to actually go somewhere my stomach gets in knots and I feel so anxious. I actually cried like a baby on the drive home. What is wrong with me??

I was better the next day. I think I'm just bad at being alone. But knowing Rick and I were hitting the open road together and meeting up with great friends helped turn my spirits around. We got to our fancy hotel around 4 and then headed down the street to Medieval Times for dinner. If you don't know what that place is, it's a restaurant with stadium seating where you watch horse games and jousting and everybody is in character. And they don't give you any utensils to eat your dinner with...I felt like a child when I had to have Rick pull all my chicken off the bones but I just couldn't do it. Ha!

you would think these two have been BFFs since childhood, too.

love her

our prince charmings

wonder where our children get their 95th % heads? lol!
And because we all still very much spring chickens, we headed back to our hotel for a wild night of partying. With a birthday banner, party hats, balloons and a cake! We are wild, I tell you, WILD!

something else wild? Rick's PJs. :)

Party Animals

our swanky hotel

and the skanky thong panties we found in our couch. Can you say ICK?!?!?!
 We had good reason to call it an early night though. We were up at 6am the next morning so we could grab a quick breakfast and head down to Canton. That's right...I went 2 months in a row. I'm a lucky girl! Tienna had never been to Canton and it was only an hour away and on a market weekend, so we dragged our men along for a fun day of shopping. I say dragged, but I honestly think the guys enjoyed it just as much as we did.

Here are a few treasures I snatched up:

I fell in love with this coffee table. It's repurposed with tin ceiling tiles on the top. Rick was on the fence because he doesn't think we're out of the no-coffee-table stage yet, but I reeeeeally liked. it. And it was a great deal. So we figured we'd give it a shot. What I've been drooling over and dreaming about is this tufted square ottoman with storage from Ballard Designs, but I definitely didn't want to spend that kind of money on something that will probably get grungy within 5 minutes. So for now, we're testing out our Canton find and if it gets trashed or is too dangerous then at least it was a great deal. I was proud of myself...I'm usually not one to try to negotiate prices but I tried it and ended up saving an additional $60. I got all three pieces for $120...not too shabby compared to the prices in furniture stores.

I also got these two side tables:

I got them for a steal and I think they have a lot of character. We did have two glass top hand-me-down end tables in our living room that I liked but just within the last few weeks the kids have figured out how to take the entire glass top off. Super safe, right? Now I'm trying to decide if I want to leave these painted white or paint them a fun color like turquoise or red. There are lots of chalk paint techniques I've been itching to try.

We got home late Saturday night. Sunday, Rick and I went to church and then he had to go into work for a little bit. Then it was time to head to his parents' house to be reunited with the littles!! I swear, every time I'm away from them it seems like they grow up so much in the time we are apart. They both had such a good time. And Harper did great in panties. I was a little nervous since she wasn't going to be at home and didn't know if she'd regress, but I can now safely say she is officially potty trained. Even during naps. What a relief! I'm so proud of her.

We had a yummy BBQ lunch on Monday with family and friends who came out to visit.

she was so excited to "mother" Baby Colt

And at home when she's playing with her baby dolls, she always calls them "Baby Carleigh." It's really sweet but I've been trying to tell her that Baby Carleigh isn't a baby anymore. I think she was even more excited when she realized she has a big girl cousin-friend to play with.

the kid table has now outgrown the adult table

the cousins

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