Thursday, September 26, 2013

August Outtakes

This is the last of our summer recap. Although this post is mostly just random pictures versus adventures, but I wanted to document them nonetheless. 


Here is a picture of Harper's very first wall art. That chica is sneaky...she dug through my purse to get a pen out and then went to work. And she was very proud of her masterpieces. Harrison's never once attempted to draw on anything but according to my mom, Harper got it from her mom. Ahem.

Me: Which one of you scribbled all over the wall right here?!?

Harper (with a huge smile): Barper did it! (Then she grabbed my hand and led me to another room) In here too, Mommy! Look!

It was hard to hold back a smile. That girl knows what she's doing...nobody ever stays mad at her for more than 30 seconds. :)


I have no idea how they sleep the way they do. Neither one of them wants to be under covers and they both insist on flopping and flailing and kicking and thrashing. We have Family Night at our house every Friday. It's a night where we do fun things together and then in an attempt to keep them out of our bed the other 6 nights of the week, it's the one night they are allowed to sleep with Mommy & Daddy. Possibly the worst idea Rick & I have ever come up with. Ha!

She is such a nurturing little mama. Even though she was still half asleep she reached over and started running her fingers through her brother's hair and rubbing his back. So sweet.

For someone who refuses to sleep under covers like a normal person...I'm a little confused by this next picture. Where's Waldo?


This picture makes me laugh. I was prepared to get out the crisco to get that helmet off Rick.


This is a typical afternoon during "Quiet Time". Which is never, ever quiet...but he has such an imagination and plays so well in there so I don't complain. What I do complain about, however, is the fact that it's a fight every. single. day. to get him to clean up his mess, but that's beside the point. Here he was deconstructing his room to make his "rock band." This little boy sure does love his music!


I sent this picture to my dad because he always used to tease me about my pouty lip. When I would sulk he would pretend he was fishing and would cast a rod and pretend to reel in my lip. Man, it used to piss me off! But mostly because I wanted to be mad and he would always manage to make me laugh instead. Harper seems to have inherited my dramatic pouting gene. This was because I fixed her hair with one pony tail instead of two pig tails. I know, I know. I am so mean.



Using a princess wand as a machine gun. In typical boy fashion. He is fascinated with guns and swords and weapons and I have zero idea where he gets it from because he's not exposed to anything violent...I guess it is just embedded in the DNA of boys??


LOL...that is all. 
(He is constantly cracking me up)


This little monkey loves climbing all over her daddy.


The kids and I met some friends at NASA. As we were walking through the parking lot, Harrison & Harper grabbed each others' hand and I wanted to freeze time. I am so thankful they are best friends and I hope they stay that way.

When we were waiting in line, she reached over and hugged him and patted his belly. I love these tender moments.

Harper was excited to do this little obstacle course. She's our fearless one. Her brother wanted nothing to do with it, ha!

She kept hugging this screen and telling it that she loves it. "I love you so much, purple tv" :)

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