Date Night

Rick told me he wanted to take Harper on a date last week so I decided to take Harrison on a momma & son date as well. We've talked in the past about wanting to get some one-on-one time in with the kids individually and I have to say, what a great time we all had! I don't even remember the last time I've gone somewhere with just Harrison. It was amazing to see the difference in behavior and how the dynamic was so different with undivided attention. My kids adore each other and get along most of the time so I hadn't really given it much thought about how important individual time with us is to them. It will definitely be something we continue to do monthly!

Harper picked Jimmy Changas and then afterward they went to Kemah to ride a few rides.

think she's having a good time with Daddy?! :)

she was enjoying her queso a little too much and a makeshift bib was in order.


Riding an airplane ride with his daughter...true love right here. He was able to reach to take this pic of themselves because the seat cutouts were approximately 10 inches deep. I would have paid $$ to see him on this ride!

As for our date, Harrison decided he wanted a milkshake and then wanted to go play putt-putt. It was his first time playing miniature golf and he LOVED it. Or at least until the 18th hole took his ball. Ha!

I posted this on FB: Enjoyed a special date night with just my little mister! He was quite a gentleman with the exception of tic-tac-toe and putt-putt, where I was given strict instructions to lose. :)

Mr. Independent wanted to sit right next to me the entire time and even crawled into my lap a few times. We had the best conversations about cars and trucks and dinosaurs and outer space. And he told me quite a few knock-knock jokes and I laughed and laughed. Mostly because they weren't funny at all but he thought they were hilarious...and I thought that was hilarious. He truly is such a joy.

it took all I had not to take him out. ;)

cheers, momma!

silly faces


where'd my ball go???

very sad to see our night come to an end.

I really did have so much fun with my baby boy (shut up...yes he IS still my baby. Always will be.).

Next month we're trading kids. Looking forward to a special girls' night with my Harpie Harp!


Tienna said…
Precious!! I think that's such a great idea!! And I swear, you have the most photogenic family on the planet! :)

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