Sixty & Sassy

A special lady is turning 60 today. Happy Birthday, Mary!!! To celebrate, we took a fun girls' trip to one of my favorite places on earth: Canton, TX. She had never gotten the chance to go and I knew it was right up her alley, so what better excuse to make a trip than a 60th birthday bash? The 4 of us loaded up into my decorated car (we got over 40 honks to our "honk if you're happy" message), stopped for some delicious bundtini cupcakes, and headed out of town Thursday afternoon.

Now, apparently my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law are far more wild and adventurous than I am because they came up with a spontaneous plan to drive over to Shreveport after we got to the hotel to go gambling. My only gambling experience was a 5 minute rendezvous on a cruise ship where I quickly lost $20 and then quickly lost interest in gambling, but I was game to give it another try. But once we made it to our hotel and saw rain clouds heading our way, we changed our minds and decided to stick around Tyler. So instead of going to the casinos, we went to dinner and had a milder wild night. We did get Laura & Mary to pose for some crazy photo ops and we also ventured into a Mexican market to buy a piñata, so I am still considering it a pretty wild night of partying. ;) We even got her to try a margarita...and if you know Mary then you know what I mean about it being a WILD night! Ha! I've never once seen her try a sip of alcohol and judging by the look on her face after tasting the margarita I don't think I'll ever see it happen again. :)

We were up early the next morning and ready to shop 'til we drop. Which is exactly what we did. August temperatures in Texas? Please...they don't stand a chance against us ladies. We were there from open 'til close which, if you were wondering, equates to 9 hours of nonstop shopping. We don't play games! I should have taken a picture of the back of my car on the way home. It's a miracle we got it all in. Good thing Ashley is a master packer because we sure got a lot of loot!

I had such a fun time. I saw a side of Laura I've never seen before (loved every minute) and it was great hanging out with just the girls!
Happy Birthday, Mary!
& Happy Birthday in 3 days, Laura!
& Happy Birthday next month, Ashley :)
Love all of you!


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