Potty Traning & Rick's Birthday

I'm emerging from potty training hell our SUPER! FUN! POTTY! PARTY! for a few moments to pop in and blog about Rick's birthday. We officially began potty training over 4 months ago but this is the week that I am DETERMINED to get Harper fully potty trained FOR GOOD. Now that summer is coming to an end and routine is around the corner, I figured it was the perfect time to get her in underwear full time before school starts and I don't have another window for awhile. I took all pull-ups away (they are such a crutch and the reason we have prolonged this process for so long) and we have not left the house since Sunday. 1) She's doing really great. 2)I'm going completely stir-crazy. 3) Potty training sucks a big fat one!

But I'm keeping my eye on the prize and reminding myself that this frustrating process will be well worth it.  So until then I will cheer and cheer and CHEER and celebrate every little success. And march around the house like a crazy person singing lots of silly potty songs that I made up. And talk about pee and poop and dry panties and that tickle feeling our body gives us until I'm blue in the face (my face is BLUE). And of course, do lots and lots of laundry and cleaning of the floors. Eye on the prize, Kelsey. Eye on the prize. 

But look at how cute she is. This was her about 5 or 6 months ago when we first got out the potty. 

my itty bitty doll baby

And here she is on Sunday when I officially kicked off the SUPER! FUN! POTTY! PARTY! by giving the big girl her very first pedicure. Can you tell she was excited to have pink toenails like her momma?

love it...she makes my heart smile!

And now I'm moving on. Because talking about potty training while taking a break from potty training during nap time is not the smartest thing to do for my sanity.


Rick turned 36 on Saturday. We had a fun weekend celebrating him!

It started off on Friday. The kids and I ordered him a cookie cake and took it up to his work like we do every year. I don't know why the man loves it so much...I personally think it's kind of disgusting. But he L-O-V-E loves it so it's one of his birthday traditions. When I asked Harrison how we should have it decorated his two suggestions were Sharknado or a forklift. It was fun trying to explain Sharknado to the lady who had never heard of it before. And if you haven't either, consider yourself lucky. It's basically the dumbest sci-fi movie ever but somehow I've been subjected to it on several occasions at my house...and we don't even have cable. We're talking a hooking-the-computer-up-to-the-tv type of dedication from my hubby. So I thought Sharknado was very fitting for his cake this year :) 

 He's been wanting a new grill for awhile so that's what we got him for his birthday. Ashley and her crew and Jon and his daughter came over that night and we grilled some steaks and hung out.

watching a video like big kids

she was being such a sweet mother hen

The next morning we took the kids to get donuts for breakfast. Then Rick's parents came up for a short visit...and then a little go-cart racing was on the agenda. Not that I was keeping score or anything, but a certain female smoked the men on one of the rounds. And on the other round, she selflessly let her son and the birthday boy win ;) 

Roy trying hard to catch Rick
a little dad and son bonding at the race track
these two stay glued to this lap

Mamaw making my poor, innocent boy cry

and reading some wholesome literature to her granddaughter. Haha!

After go-carts, we went to lunch with Rick's parents before they left to go back home. Then we headed over to the mall. Now, my husband is NOT a shopper but he was very excited to go to the mall this day for 2 specific reasons:

cookie cake, lingerie, & two sleeping kids...see that smile on his face?!

Round 2 of cookie cake and a trip to Victoria Secret so he could pick out a special birthday present - *wink wink*. I've never seen him more motivated to go to the mall in all my life. ;) Somehow, the 16" cookie cake we ordered him on Friday got entirely consumed on Friday. It was a cake that is supposed to feed 16 people but it got devoured between a couple of people at work and the "vultures that descended" at our house that night (Ashley and Jon...Rick's words, not mine. I think he's a little bitter. Ha!). So when he woke up all sad and pouty that he didn't have any cookie cake to eat on his actual birthday, I told him we were going to get him another one. Have I mentioned I think cookie cakes are disgusting? And that I dropped $50 there in 2 freakin' days?? Just goes to show how much I love my man. :)

livin' large

And you guys, a birthday miracle occurred that day. Both kids passed out in the car while we were looking for a parking spot...and stayed asleep being transferred to the stroller....and stayed asleep the entire time we were at the mall (can you say hallelujah??)...and stayed asleep being transferred back to their car seats and all the way back home. It was like we were on a date but we didn't have to shell out money to a babysitter. Sa-weet!

We got home and Mom & Tim came by to sing Happy Birthday and give him his gift. And then the kids had him open the present that they picked out for him all by themselves.

3 + squiggly candle = 36. I had to improvise :)

they picked out this shirt because "Daddy is like Superman"

Harper is always bossing her dad around. "Ride horsey, Daddy. Get on floor!"

Unending love for this wonderful man in our life.

And I had to add this last picture. I found this up there Monday morning...not sure if he was hiding from the kids or from himself. Ha!


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