Our family is growing!

And no, Mom, don't worry. I'm not pregnant. We aren't having any more kids. EVER! Yet. Ever. Yet? :)

Just wanted to post our annual new year's picture. This one is a couple of weeks late because it has been cold and rainy every weekend of 2013 so far. But I don't think we've grown too much since January 1st. I mean, Rick and I did actually eat nothing but chocolate cake for dinner a couple of nights ago but hopefully those calories haven't shown up to the waistline just yet.

My puppies are getting old. They are 12 and I can't believe it. They will always be my puppies, though, even if they are in their eighties in dog years. I need to dedicate a post to them soon. It makes me sad that our days with them are coming to an end. I remember picking each one of them out and I don't understand how that was already 12 years ago.

And even though he never makes it into our new year's picture, Kooter is still alive and strong as well. He's also 12. Note to self: next time don't get pets that are all the same age because when they get to the end of their lives it is really quite depressing. It's like a pet nursing home around these parts. Although Rick predicts that Kooter will outlive us all. And he may just be right on that one.



Jocelyn said…
I love your tradition of taking pictues in front of the house! I wish we had done that when we first moved in in 2006 (well... I guess January 2007 would have been our first photo if we had followed your timeline). Maybe/Hopefully we can copy this tradition when we move into our new home!

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