Camp Harrison

When we started planning birthday party ideas Harrison was a big fan of the camping theme and I thought it sounded super cute. I was a little concerned about having a December party outside because December, in my mind, should equal cold, but obviously I'm not Mother Nature and she decided to give us quite the opposite with a high of 88 degrees. Sheesh. So there was a little sweating going on but we didn't let that spoil our fun!

I think I already posted a picture of the invites but here they are again.

I didn't really get a chance to take very many pre-party pictures since I was running around like a crazy person trying to get everything ready (note to self: next time don't commit to 4 parties the same weekend you are trying to host one. Especially when you are baking and decorating your own cake and cupcakes and making all the party food. Definitely not my smartest move!). Thankfully my mom came over early to help with some of the food prep. (Thanks, Mom!)

Welcome, happy campers! Please ignore all the weeds ;)

The letters are twigs I hot glued on to a painted board

Here is the food table:

The menu included:
* kids in a blanket (pigs)
* sleeping bags (pinwheels)
* fire logs (pretzel rods)
* mud pie (chocolate pudding trifle)
* grizzly bears (teddy grahams)
* fish bait (gummy worms)
* catch of the day (goldfish)
* sticks & trees (veggie sticks & broccoli)
* s'mores cupcakes
* birthday cake
* s'mores supplies for roasting

We had a fishing booth where the kids "caught" packages of goldfish.

fishin' hole

pay no attention to the man behind the box

And then there was a scavenger hunt.


We also had sack races! I had some leftover burlap in the closet and made 3 toddler-sized sacks...and I'm so glad I did because it was pretty darn entertaining. :)

Not sure why H has on a fire helmet but it's pretty funny with his shirt, lol

Uh oh! One man already down.

And down goes Brody next

Did I mention it was very entertaining?

The older boys went next

And then it was the girls' turn!

For favors the kids went home with their very own flashlight. We had several leftover and my kiddos have gotten endless entertainment out of them...amazing how exciting a simple flashlight can be.


Some more pictures from the festivities:

Harper with her Unkie

Don't feed the bears!

Playing his air guitar

And in heaven after he got his "real guitar without eyes just like Kenny has". The jury is still out on whether he's going to be a lefty or a righty.

Then it was time for cake:

I had intentions of this looking a little cuter but I ran out of time. The trees are waffle cones and pretzel rods, the tent is graham crackers & peanut butter, the fire pit is chocolate covered raisins and pretzel sticks, and of course marshmallows on toothpicks for roasting.

Huffing and puffing...

And spitting the candles out!

And then time for s'mores!

I tried to get a picture of the birthday boy with his sister but this is all I got:

Look at the camera and smile? Um, no thank you.

I think I'll steal sissy's collection instead.

See ya!

It was a fun party. Thank you to everybody who helped us celebrate our sweet little 3 year old!


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