Thursday, December 20, 2012


My Hare-Bear turned three years old this month.

Harrison, you keep growing up on me.

You weigh 32lbs and are 38 inches tall.

You're in size 3T and wear an 8-9 in shoes. 

I am late getting this post up (as usual) but I am determined to try to document as much as I can about you so I can look back and remember you at this point in your life. It is SUCH a fun age!

I saw a cute idea to start interviewing you every year on your birthday to compare how you answer the questions as you grow up. Here are your answers at age 3:

Favorite song: Bye-lo Baby 
Favorite toy: guitar and a trash truck and amicrophone and a holder
Favorite food: grilled cheese
Favorite outfit: my poojammies
One food you don’t really like: hot chicken
Favorite book: The Elf on the Shelf
Favorite movie: Toy Story 1
Favorite TV show: Blues Clues
Favorite thing to do: play my guitar and turn phones on and off and then play music really loud!
Favorite restaurant: Whataburger!!!!
Favorite singer: Kenny
Favorite memory: Baby Jesus
Favorite store: Whataburger
Favorite game: football
What do you love to learn about: tractors and guitars
What was the best part about your birthday? My guitar
What was your favorite birthday present? My guitar
What does Daddy do for his job: Get his projects at Kirby Mercision Merchine
What does Mommy do for her job: She gets her projects ready in the black tower
What is something Daddy says to you a lot? Pick those pillows up on to the couch
What is something Mommy says to you a lot? Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up
What is something you say to us a lot? No!
What is something that you like to do most with Mommy? watch movies at family night and eat popcorn
What is something that you like to do most with Daddy? go to Nasa
What is something that you are really good at? Listening  
What do you what to be when you grow up? A man and a daddy and you’re going to be a bad boy and I’m going to spank your bottom
What is something that makes you happy? Going to Whataburger and Nasa makes me happy
What is something that makes you sad? When you spank me
What is something that makes you laugh? Sissy 
What do you think about before you fall asleep? tractors
Who are your best friends? Zion and Brody and Conning and Chuck, my pretend buddies
The coolest person on earth is: Sadie the puppy astronaut
Who is your hero? Zion
How old are you? 3
How old is Mom? 4
How old is Dad? 5

Here are a few other things about you at this age:

* There is officially no more baby talk. You replaced all of your baby words (like car-car and wa-wa) with the real ones probably within a couple of months after you turned 2 and you learned how to say your "r"s within the last month or two. You used to leave out the "s" any time it was before a consonant (like "outer pace" for "outer space") but you don't do that anymore either. Bittersweet!

* You love, love, love to learn. You are giving me a run for my money and there are many days when I wonder if you are smarter than me. Ha! "Why" comes out of your mouth constantly and I often times find myself scrambling for my phone to look up your questions on the internet. Pretty embarrassing, so please don't tell anybody. ;) Your mind works like your daddy's and you are so interested in how things are made and built and how things work.

* You also have a great memory. You can hear a song once and know the lyrics. You DEFINITELY didn't get that quality from you mom! You get so mad at me when you tell me to sing along and I don't know the words. You always tell me, "yes you DO, Mommy!"

* You are kind and gentle but also very wild and busy and hyper. The only time you are sitting still is if you are strapped into your car seat. And one ounce of sugar amplifies that energy. And I'm not exaggerating!

* You are a picky eater, no question. You decide you hate things before you even try them. You are so dramatic about it as well -- when I make you try something you are gagging before it even gets to your mouth.

* You are finally officially potty-trained!!! WOO HOO!!! We agreed that when you turned 3 you would wear underwear since that's what 3-year olds do. And that morning, you remembered and were really excited about it. You've only had a handful of accidents and I am very proud of you. 

* You are extreeeemely particular about certain things. Not a CLUE where you get that from. Ha! For instance, when we brush your teeth you will have a meltdown if we go out of order: top has to be first, then spit, then bottom, then spit, then eee's, then spit, then tongue, then spit. You get very mad if I try to speed the process up.

* You are always trying to figure out how people are related to each other. You like to refer to them by relationship as well; like, "I want to go to my daddy's mom's house" instead of Mamaw or "my mommy's brother is coming over" instead of Uncle Connor. I love this quirk about you.

* You have quite the imagination. You have started showing interest in pretend play where you take on different roles (doctor, daddy, mommy, trash man, etc). You love to pretend there are monsters chasing us. You have 2 imaginary friends, Conning and Chuck. According to you, Conning has blue hair and Chuck has red hair. I often walk in to find you having conversations with them...I just hope they are good influences and not bad! :) 

* You are sweet and you know how to use it to your advantage. When you really want something you will say, "Pretty please, with a cherry on top? And a cherry on the inside?" or "But Mommy, I love you sooo much." in the sweetest, softest voice. The other day when you were stalling you used the excuse, "But first I need to give my baby a hug and a kiss because she is such a cutie. Mom, look at what a cutie my sissy is!" You, my son, are quite the charmer when you want to be.

I could keep going and going and going on about you. You bring us joy and laughter every single day and I am looking forward to what three holds for us. Love you biggest, forever and always!


Jocelyn said...

Very sweet!

Reading this post makes me think again about how much I'd love to get together and meet y'all in real life. I think that might be my New Year's Resolution... meet my blogging friends!

Tienna said...

I hope you guys could hear the sound of my heart literally melting at that picture of him in the Cowboy hat all the way down there. That kid is darn special!! What a love. An absolute love!!

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